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A case study - Carnegie Great Outdoors: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Gavin Booth from Carnegie Great Outdoors (CGO) talks to Beckett Sustainability about how they have worked to reduce their environmental impact as a service.
Our Green Impact scheme can help your team do the same, get in touch with us for details


Student Sustainability Conference Meet the Presenters: Hannah Temme

To open the conference, this presentation will consider the mental health of the world’s population, as people awaken to the reality of our future prospects, created by the climate collapse, the greatest threat to life humanity has ever seen.


How to be sustainable student?

With over 70,000 residing in Leeds, students can form up to 10% of the city's population during term-time. This constitutes a significant percentage of people who can influence the trends and habits of a city.


Green Impact so far

Green Impact so far, has been going on very well. We have managed to gather a lot of interest from staff and managed to triple the amount of teams we had.

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Shuttle bus VC Peter Slee sings its praises

Our Vice-Chancellor is a regular user of the staff shuttle bus. Having seen him a couple of times onboard we have asked him to write about his experience using it. Here is what he says. 

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Plastic Free July - What? Why? How?

This special month, we focus on how we can reduce plastic in our lives. This revolutionary material has allowed us to consume goods (phones, chairs, TVs, amongst many others) at a cheaper price due to its cheap cost and lightweight. However, we have only recently discovered the scale of the negative impacts it has land and in seas. Reducing our footprint is vital to sustain the long-term wildlife of the earth. 


Clean air day at Leeds Beckett University

21st June was National Clean Air Day. The growing event is a special day when people make a pledge to improve the air quality. Across the UK, many positive actions were taken to encourage taking steps towards making air cleaner.


Its National Clean Air Day on the 21st June

Leeds is one of six cities in the UK that will not be compliant with EU nitrogen dioxide targets by 2020 unless action is taken. Leeds City Council are proposing the introduction of a clean air zone but there are things everyone can do to make a difference.

Travel Options Week

Travel Options Week

Travel Options Week was a real success and staff and students from different areas of the university came along. Several actors of the transport sector had stalls to talk about and promote their travel services. We hope that you have enjoyed it and that it has inspired you to think about your commute and about how you can make it more efficient.