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Operations And Supply Chain Management

LEAN Process Improvement Coaching Partnerships

LEAN and other process improvement techniques have been successfully applied nationally and internationally across many business sectors including financial services, retail, service industries, local government, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution and logistics.

Typical aims of business projects can be to:

  • reduce overall costs
  • reduce waste, defects and errors
  • improve customer satisfaction or retention
  • reduce errors in transactional processes
  • speed up processes and customer lead time
  • improve productivity of services and production


Lean ProcessOur LEAN Coaching Partnerships bring all three elements of training, consultancy and education together. This helps your organisation develop expertise and produce sustainable business benefits, provide qualifications to your employees, as well as accelerate organisational learning of LEAN integrated with other business process improvement methodologies.

Our service to business is based on a coaching and facilitation partnership between the Faculty of Business and Law, based within Leeds Beckett University, and your organisation. As part of this, you would select a small number of relevant staff (3-8) to solve a key business problem, such as reduce waste or improve customer service. The Faculty would act as a coach/mentor to the project utilising a selection of LEAN and other process improvement tools as the vehicle for the problem resolution.

The coaching is split between induction and learning activities at a University location, on-site project meetings and workshops as well as additional collaborative working using a range of methods tailored to suit your organisation and location.

Benefits to your organisation include:

  • support on actual live projects to add value – not just training/knowledge transfer
  • building LEAN and process improvement expertise in your organisation
  • allowing a customised pragmatic approach to adopting key elements of both LEAN and other methodologies, such as Six Sigma
  • practitioner and research perspectives to develop critical insight
  • expertise to be built within your organisation quickly, without the need for time and cost intensive off-site training
  • reflective element supporting expertise development and organisational learning
  • opportunities for staff to progress further towards a Masters in Business (IPOS) following completion of key project elements

Pathways To Partnership

LEAN structureUnderpinning the coaching partnership concept are some development and pathway programmes:

  • Master Classes
    Day session master classes introduce managers in your organisation to the benefits, tools and techniques of the LEAN or Six Sigma methodologies. We also offer a master class on Operational Excellence to help organisations orientate themselves to the strategic competitive context for business and process improvements.
  • Project Sourcing and Project Scoping
    Client-based interactive sessions are designed to help you use LEAN and other process management techniques to identify critical, suitable and appropriate projects to start work on. This would be a combination of techniques and application using data and information from your organisation. Project scoping is a follow-up to the project sourcing workshop, where you will be coached to review the final choices for projects and to use the Six Sigma methodology of a project charter to produce a suitable 'tight' framework for a successful improvement project.
  • Training Courses
    Traditional two to three day training courses on LEAN, Six Sigma and Operational and Business Excellence are also available on demand.

Further Enhancement

The LEAN HeirarchyFurther development is available by undertaking further coaching projects with Leeds Beckett University to build a portfolio programme of improvement. Organisations could also further build on process improvement capability using the Business Enhancement Scheme as a vehicle, employing a graduate in partnership with our University to work on selected business projects. In addition you could consider a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) as a vehicle for embedding the methodologies across a whole business.

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