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We provide relevant, rigorous and action based research approaches to learning and development. Our academics in the field are at the forefront of research that looks to improve organisational effectiveness and address the needs of your leaders and managers. Jeff Gold is part of the Leadership Team and is an eminent Professor in Organisational Learning and works with companies to develop research projects to improve leadership and management within businesses.

Organisational Audit

We can deliver an audit within your organisation to analyse data on the views, behaviours and experiences of the people in your organisation. From this, we develop practical recommendations to improve leadership and management strategies within your organisation. We specialise in the use of action modes of research that result in practical application to address your business needs. We apply our expertise to some of the following areas of delivery:

  • Design and delivery of leadership and talent development programmes
  • Strategic team development
  • Critical and evidence based leadership programmes
  • Cultural understanding and cultural shift programmes
  • Change planning and implementation

Contract Research

Work with our industry experts in Leadership and Management who take a partnership approach and apply academic rigour to all research, providing solutions tailored to your business needs. Find out more.

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