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Successful Branding Training

Introductory to advanced bespoke Branding training for individuals and organisations.

Branding is at the heart of everything we do, from the first impression we make to the characteristics of the service and product we provide. We offer bespoke programmes and workshops tailored to individual or organisational needs on branding for your business and organisation.    

Our programmes are aimed at all employees of an organisation, from customer facing members through to Board Level Directors. We can help you to enhance brand identity for your organisation, and develop knowledge surrounding brand best practice and strategic brand management. 

For Organisations:

Our programmes can include:

  • training designed to embed your corporate vision and brand ID within your teams
  • team branding and identity workshops to align personal, and organisational values to that of the master brand
  • developing strong leadership attributes to support changes in corporate culture through training, workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions 
  • creating internal brand ambassadors who are connected organisational values and who wear your brand with pride
  • how to create a consistent style across your collateral to build a brand identity that allows customers to instantly recognise your company and distinguish it from others
We can find out what makes your business leaders tick, who your audience is and how you can reach them. We also strive to establish what fulfilment in the workplace looks like and what is stopping your business from reaching your desired goals.

Personal branding and coaching will work with your core business values and strengths, to help your leaders to create new perspectives, drive self-confidence and open up new opportunities. 

For the Individual:

In today’s world we are constantly judged, so it’s important to present yourself well and be authentic, always remembering that you are the embodiment of your own personal brand. 

We can develop bespoke training for your business. We can connect you to your most ‘powerful self’, to find what makes business leaders truly unique in the marketplace, so you can brand yourself effectively in today’s multifaceted world, and focus on the practical challenges and solutions generated by your organisation’s brand.

We can deliver training to colleagues with all levels of experience and responsibility, from introductory training for those who wish to establish some practical branding skills, through to more advanced training for those with high levels of marketing responsibility and experience. 

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