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Quality Criteria

Quality Criteria

Update Policy

Every effort has been made to ensure that this resource provides up to date and accurate information at the date of publication (September, 2019). The CFM team will continually review emerging evidence to ensure that accurate information is presented and will update the resource annually, unless any new evidence emerges that warrants earlier updating. The next planned update will take place in September 2020.

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Quality criteria

The development and evaluation of the Cancer, Fertility and Me decision aid, funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research has been completed and alternative forms of the decision aid are currently being developed.

The underpinning and evaluative literature for the study is here.

  1. Jones, G., Hughes, J., Mahmoodi, N., Smith, E., Skull, J., & Ledger, W. (2017). What factors hinder the decision-making process for women with cancer and contemplating fertility preservation treatment? Human Reproduction Update23(4), 433-457.
  2. Jones, G. L., Hughes, J., Mahmoodi, N., Greenfield, D., Brauten-Smith, G., Skull, J., Gath., J., Yeomanson, D., Baskind, E., Snowden, J. A., Jacques, R. M., Velikova, G., Collins, K., Stark, D., Phillips, R., Lane, S., & Bekker, H. L. (2017). Observational study of the development and evaluation of a fertility preservation patient decision aid for teenage and adult women diagnosed with cancer: the Cancer, Fertility and Me research protocol. BMJ open, 7(3), e013219.
  3. Mahmoodi, N., Bekker, H. L., King, N. V., Hughes, J., & Jones, G. L. (2018). Are publicly available internet resources enabling women to make informed fertility preservation decisions before starting cancer treatment: an environmental scan? BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 18(1), 104.  
  4. Vogt, K. S., Hughes, J., Wilkinson, A., Mahmoodi, N., Skull, J., Wood, H., McDougall, S., Slade, P., Greenfield, D. M., Pacey, A., Ledger, W., & Jones, G. L. (2018). Preserving fertility in women with cancer (PreFer): Decision‐making and patient‐reported outcomes in women offered egg and embryo freezing prior to cancer treatment. Psycho‐Oncology, 27(12), 2725-2732.

A full list of all the resources can be seen on the home page under 'Resources'.

Publications from the pilot testing and evaluation phases of the study are pending.

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