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Abseiling is an adrenaline fuelled activity involving controlled sliding down a rope to descend a steep rock face or tall building. It's a fantastic challenge for everyone, with no previous experience or skills needed, and we will provide all the abseiling equipment for you. 

The Cambridge Dictionary abseiling definition is "the activity of going down a very steep slope while holding onto a rope that is fastened to the top of the slope". 

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Our friendly and fully qualified instructors will kit you up in one of our climbing harnesses and helmets and will attach you to our specialist ropes. We'll use a belay device to create friction on the ropes, which enables you to descend down in a controlled way, and the team will demonstrate how to use this. You'll be taught the techniques to control your descent safely.

Once you're ready, our instructors will support and encourage you as you enjoy the exhilaration of stepping over the edge at the top and leaning back.  You'll then control the rope yourself so you move down at a slow and steady, comfortable speed. Don't worry - there is no risk of you falling if you let go of the rope because our team will have you attached to a safety line which they will be controlling throughout the session. You'll slowly descend with your feet stepping against the rock or building as you go; the aim is to step down rather than bounce down! Once at the bottom and back on the ground we'll detach your harness from the rope and you can celebrate your achievement with the rest of the group. 

X in Yorkshire

Overlook of the Vale of York from Sutton Bank in the Hambleton Hills near Thirsk, North Yorkshire

X in yorkshire

We can provide abseiling at many outdoor locations across the UK. Some of our most popular venues for abseiling are below.


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Lake District

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Peak District

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