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We help our students inspire the next generation. Encouraging education engagement on a deeper-level to impact the sector and beyond.

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We offer distinctive and creative courses that are designed to respond to the changes taking place in society, focusing on the diverse skills required by modern education professionals.

We understand that focusing on improving classroom practice is not enough. Our cutting-edge research centres are creating a network of educators, service providers and researchers which define and share best practice. These centres encourage collaboration and ensure that your learning is informed by the latest research and developments in the sector. You will have access to additional training to complement your studies and increase your employability, including first aid training, Forest Schools courses and dyslexia and phonics workshops.

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13 Feb 2024

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25 Aug 2023

Meet our inspiring community

Meet some of our amazing community and hear what they have to say about their experiences working within Carnegie School of Education. Hear from some of our current students, alumni, colleagues and industry partners.

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Rachel Lofthouse

"At the heart of teacher education is the knowledge that we are all present as learners and that our expertise is built on a dynamic relationship between practice and research." 

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