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Children’s food insecurity is thought to be a growing problem in the UK. Food insecurity is defined as “the inability to acquire or consume an adequate quality or sufficient quantity of food in socially acceptable ways, or the uncertainty that one will be able to do so”. It relates to both the quantity and quality of food, certainty of supply and the ways in which it is acquired. Food insecurity is generally estimated at household level and little is known about how it affects children and young people. This information is crucial in helping to shape policy responses to the issue.

The scope of the Inquiry:

This Inquiry will gather evidence to assess the nature and prevalence of food insecurity in the UK as it relates to children and young people under 18. We are interested to hear the views of professionals, parents and other stakeholders about all areas of children’s food experience including:

- Whether there is enough food to eat and what is preventing them from accessing enough food to meet their needs? 

- Whether they are getting good quality, healthy food and what is preventing them accessing this? 

- Which policies and programmes are working to improve children’s access to sufficient good quality healthy food, and which are not working well? 

- What new policies and programmes should be considered?

We are interested in receiving:

Personal testimony – things which have happened to children and young people that you care for, or work with, in relation to food

Challenges and opportunities – the specific problems with food which children and young people face, and how you think they could be changed or improved

Evidence – have you conducted research or data collection about any aspect of children’s food which might be of interest to the Inquiry? If you submit evidence please note how it should be referenced.

What will we do with your submission

The team at Leeds Beckett will analyse your submission and summarise it along with all the other submissions received into a report for the Inquiry Committee.  They will also make recommendations to the Committee of individuals who they should invite to speak directly to the Committee. 

Evidence gathered through this portal will be added to evidence being gathered through workshops with children and young people across the country, as well as reviews of academic evidence.

All of this evidence will be used to develop a compelling Inquiry report which will attract media attention on the critical issue of children’s food and how it should be improved to make sure children have access to enough good quality food to meet their nutritional needs. 

When you submit evidence you will be asked whether you would like this to be made anonymously or whether you are happy for your material to be directly attributed to you. Submissions should be made anonymously unless you are happy to be named in subsequent reports. If you do not include your name any information that you give will be anonymised to protect your identity.

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