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For Children and Young People


If you would like to send photos, pictures or anything that you think might help us to understand what children think about food and being hungry, please email us here.


In our country there are a lot of people who are finding it difficult to manage with the money that they have. Families try really hard to make sure that everyone has enough to eat, but sometimes there just isn’t enough money left to buy food.

We would like to find out what you think about this. There are no right or wrong answers so please tell us what you honestly think. All of your answers are secret and there is no need to write your name anywhere. 

Important: You don’t have to answer all the questions if you don’t want to. If any of the questions make you feel sad, please stop writing and find an adult that you trust to talk to.  

What we do with your information

If you fill in this survey or email us with information, we will use this information to write a report for the government. When we write this report, we will not use your name. No-one will know that that the information is from you.  If you change your mind and you want us to delete the information you have sent us, you can email us and we will delete it for you.

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