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The Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools launched in 2017 with a pathway of Professional Learning Programmes including the School Mental Health Award as part of its portfolio and the first PGCert / Masters in Leadership of School Mental Health and Wellbeing.

In order to meet our centre's vision to strengthen the mental health of the next generation by supporting schools to make a positive change at all levels of the UK's education system we have developed an approved provider competency framework to accredit mental health and wellbeing programmes, interventions and consultancy to provide an integrated approach to support all educational settings.

Our approved endorsement list will be made up of individuals, organisations, charities or schools who will be accredited by us and who will have passed rigorous criteria and will have demonstrated that they have the capability and capacity to ensure that their resources are both evidence-based, of high quality and have measurable impact.  

The framework will be updated regularly to ensure that it stays current and includes the latest innovative provision available.

Benefits of gaining endorsement?
  • Ensuring that resources are safe and sensitive when dealing with difficult topics
  • Resources meet the needs and context of the people using them
  • Resources reflect best practice and the latest research / evidence etc
  • Resources are having a significant difference
  • Opportunity to attend a round table discussion with other approved providers to discuss the current landscape, collaborations and new projects
  • Programme logo to feature on our website as an approved supplier
  • Programmes signposted to our School Mental Health Award Schools
  • Programmes promoted and featured in our newsletter
  • Opportunities to promote your programmes at our annual conference at a reduced rate
  • Opportunity to display our Provider logo on your marketing resources
How will the endorsement programme work?

Our trained verifiers will use a series of key quality indicators to assess an organisation’s programme against which will include:

  • Quality Assurance of Learning / Training Resources
  • An analysis of the programme’s evidence base
  • Participant Evaluations
  • Facilitator Feedback
How do we apply?

Please email for an application form

What is the cost?

£500 excluding VAT 

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