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Bupa UK Foundation & Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools Seminar Series

The Bupa UK Foundation and the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools are delighted to launch a seminar series to offer an insight for School Leaders, Senior Mental Health Leads and Pastoral Leaders in how to support both staff, pupils and the wider community into transitioning back to school.

The Seminar Series will feature pre-recorded, easy to access bite-sized seminars with the focus on:

Staff Mental Health


  • Supporting staff to feel ready to ‘return’ – This seminar explores the questions that will need to be asked of staff, coaching tips for having conversations around emotions and feelings about returning physically and looking at how you will communicate to your staff.It will also discuss resources that you may want to provide your staff to feel more prepared to support students.
  • Responding to staff needs This seminar looks at the different ways you can respond to your staff’s needs as this transition period continues and gives you a three-step plan of action for your longer term support strategy.
  • Adjusting to a changed school/college - This seminar explores what a leader can do to support staff with change.This seminar is based on psychological theory of change and has clear take always that you as a school leader can implement and share with your SLT

Pupil Mental Health

  • Preparing to welcome students back - This seminar explores the core purpose and main activities of the school and college following the lockdown and how these will change with an ongoing pandemic which is likely to last for several months. The webinar then discusses the evidence informed strategies and approaches which can adapted at the whole school and college level which will reduce further harm, assist with recovery and promote safeguarding across their community.
  • Welcoming the students back... the first few weeksThis seminar explores the strategic choices faced by schools and colleges for their the first few weeks when pupils start to return following lockdown. It begins by looking at some of the practical but highly effective strategies that schools and colleges can do to support pupils through the pandemic and begin to reintegrate into school and college life.
  • Supporting vulnerable pupils and those in transition - This seminar draws on the emerging evidence from within the UK to assist the school leader in identifying the increase in vulnerable pupils. It discusses the school and college strategies that can be deployed to meet this increased need. It also explores some of the likely mental health needs which will be more prevalent as well as the disruption to transition caused by the crisis. 

Our seminar series is a free online resource.

If you are a School Leader / School Mental Health Lead / Pastoral Leader please register here.


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