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Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools

Available Courses

Plus Icon Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead Governor Status E-Module - Delivered in collaboration with TheSchoolBus

Creating and assigning link governor roles to individual members of a governing body is an effective way to ensure governance remains strategic and focussed on key issues. The development of a Wellbeing Governor role demonstrates the governing bodies commitment to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of both staff and pupils. The creation of the role also emphasises the importance of establishing robust mental health provision in schools, providing equal opportunities, building resilience and developing support strategies and tools.

The programme will give you the status of being a Carnegie Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead Governor and provide support through an online portal which includes:

  • A description of role and responsibilities.
  • Recommended questions for in-school visits.
  • Up to date information on school policy.
  • A multiple choice assessment (awarding the accreditation element of the programme).
  • Access to a Governing Board Diagnostic and printed report.
  • Certificate confirming status.

Who can apply

Any member of a school governing body.

Duration: The multiple choice assessment will take a maximum of one hour to complete.

Start dates and location: The programme is delivered online and can be started at anytime.

Cost: £50 per person.

Plus Icon Essential Mental Health Skills for Schools

This programme is for any teacher or member of staff in a supportive role wanting to develop evidence-based skills to work with vulnerable pupils and who is currently working to promote the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people.

The main focus of the course is on reviewing and developing an understanding of counselling theory and applying this within the context of your school. You will also develop techniques to help establish effective one to one relationships with children and young people.

The programme includes:

  • An introduction to the main schools of thought for counselling theory; professional ethics and ethical practice and attachment theory.
  • Skills practice - exploring different methods which can be used to assist children experiencing emotional difficulties.

Who can apply

The course is phase specific and has a primary and a secondary school version, this is to ensure that approaches and skills are age appropriate. The programme is aimed at anyone who is currently working directly with students, especially colleagues with pastoral responsibilities, whether they have prior training in counselling or not. It also serves as a good introduction to counselling as a future career option.

Duration: Two days.

Start dates and location: Cohorts will take place across the UK - please contact us for a schedule.

Cost: The cost is dependent on the delivery model. Please email for more information.

Plus Icon Developing a Whole School Mental Health Approach Workshop

The mental health and wellbeing of both pupils and staff are important concerns for all schools and colleges. Designed around the School Mental Health Award this course will leave you with a solid understanding of mental health, evidence based approaches and practical steps to implement at your school.

This course includes:

  • An understanding of mental health - what it is and dispelling myths.
  • An overview of the latest school related mental health evidence.
  • Strategies schools can take to design and embed a whole school improvement plan.
  • Practical examples and case studies from schools who are leading the way in the field of mental health improvement.

Who can apply

Senior leaders in schools and colleges.

Duration: One day.

Start dates and location: Cohorts will take place across the UK - please contact us for a schedule.

Cost: The cost is dependent on the delivery model. Please email for more information.

Plus Icon Development Programme for School Mental Health Lead

This innovative programme is for those schools willing to lead the mental health agenda by contributing to the national debate on this important topic.

You will explore what effective whole school mental health policy looks like and the steps needed to ensure effective implementation and review. You will undertake a research project to identify mental health challenges within your school and use this to create a highly targeted mental health development plan.

On completion of the programme you will have grown your capacity and confidence for leading whole school mental health strategies. You will have also developed a deeper understanding of the latest thinking on effective mental health practices and improved your ability to identify children at risk of poor mental health and the implementation effective supportive strategies. You will be able to evaluate your school’s mental health approach and implement improvement strategies and form a professional network of peers who are leading mental health in their schools.

The whole school development programme includes: 

  • A detailed school research project to understand the current level of mental health support within the school.
  • The development of a school mental health policy or guidance document which can subsequently be approved by the school’s board of directors or governors if required.
  • Your case study written up by a Professor and published to support other schools.

Who can apply

This programme is for the senior mental health lead, responsible for mental health policy and strategy across the whole school.

Duration: Two and half day of workshops and group learning. In addition, each school will have an individual school visit. Participants will also undertake a research project and create a school mental health improvement plan.

Start dates and location: Spread across two full terms (6 months), cohorts will take place across the UK - please contact us for a schedule.

Cost: The cost is dependent on the delivery model. Please email for more information.

Plus Icon Mental Health ITT Development Programme

New teachers need to feel equipped and confident when they start their teaching career. Yet, NQTs asked to rate how confident and knowledgeable they were with understanding children's behaviour, mental health and being able to identify and support children with issues related to emotional well-being, scored themselves less than 63%.

The Carter Review into ITT found that more was needed on specific, practical training so that new teachers were able to support the emotional needs of their pupils more effectively.

The mental health for ITT Development Programme draws on this knowledge alongside the recommendations made in the Carter Review and the subsequent reviews into the ITT Curriculum and the Behaviour Management for ITT and the Standards for CPD to ensure full alignment to DfE policy.

Delivered by qualified and experienced child mental health professionals with a grounding in the realities of the modern school, the Mental Health ITT Development Programme brings expertise in school based mental health support. Participants leave with deeper insight, practical skills they can apply, greater professional resilience and improved confidence in supporting some of their most vulnerable children.

There are two programmes, one for early years and primary teachers and another for secondary teachers.

The programme comprises three modules each with an accompanying e-module to deepen learning and reflection. All delegates receive an e-certificate following completion of the programme.

Module 1: Relationships for pupil growth (Full day development event)

The key aim of this module is the development of an understanding of mental health and how this inhibits or enhances pupil’s education and the different techniques teachers can employ to support learning. Participants will understand the SEND Code of Practice and what this means when it comes to mental health. Students will also explore attachment theory as a key underpinning to child and adolescent development and how to apply it with all children and young people.

Module 2: Effective relationships with parents (Half day development event)

NQTs often state that they do not feel confident in their work with parents. Participants will learn about different parent-child relationships so that they can develop more effective working relationships with parents and carers, thereby ensuring high expectations are sustained.

Module 3: Developing your own resilience (Half day development event) 

By exploring and applying the concept of ‘unconditional positive regard’, participants will consider how their own self-awareness has a dramatic impact on how they perceive and respond to challenging situations, so that high outcomes for children are achieved.

Plus Icon Leading Mental Health from the Middle

This programme will challenge and develop pastoral leaders, allowing you to deliver evidence informed support for students experiencing mental health or emotional wellbeing difficulties.

You will explore recent research and best practice examples relating to school mental health and wellbeing support. You will then use this knowledge and understanding to audit your own practice and develop strategies which you can apply in school.

You will leave with a deeper understanding of evidence based school mental health interventions and an improved confidence around implementation within your role and the wider school.

On completion of the programme you will have further developed your ability to design interventions relevant to your context. Using a process of development and feedback, you will have also grown your capacity to lead mental health interventions in your school.

The programme comprises of two modules covering:

  • Auditing current practice of mental health support within a department or school.
  • Learning from peers what methods have worked in different mental health and wellbeing support situations and how these can be applied in school.
  • The application of new methods, including evaluating success and areas for improvement.
  • Leading change amongst colleagues, including how to lead others to improve mental health practice across their area of responsibility.

Who can apply

This programme is for middle leaders who currently hold or are interested in taking on a role focused on leading pastoral care, wellbeing or school mental health. This may include but is not limited to pastoral leads, inclusion leads, Heads of Year, or other middle leaders with a wellbeing or school mental health remit or Special Educational Needs leaders. The course is relevant for both primary and secondary schools.

Duration: Two full days spread across a half term.

Start dates and location: Cohorts will take place across the UK - please contact us for a schedule.

Cost: £320 per delegate including refreshments and lunch.

Plus Icon MA Leadership of School Mental Health and Wellbeing
Our MA Leadership of School Mental Health and Wellbeing course adopts a multidisciplinary, whole systems approach to the improvement of mental health and wellbeing. You will draw on expertise from school leadership and teaching, organisational change, child therapy, education psychology and social work, and you will develop the knowledge, confidence, independence and leadership skills to be able to provide effective mental health support for all your students. Find out more about the course here.

To book a place on any of our programmes please email: schoolmh@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

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