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Centre for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Education

About the Centre

The Centre for LBGTQ+ Inclusion in Education was established in November 2017 as a Centre for research and practice. The academic lead for the Centre is Professor Jonathan Glazzard. Jonathan is Professor of Teacher Education and was appointed to the Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University in July 2017.

The Centre is committed to challenging all forms of prejudice, discrimination and marginalisation towards individuals and collectives in schools and colleges who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/ Questioning and others who have gender identities or sexual orientations that differ from the heterosexual and cisgender majority. Through its research we will provide evidence-based recommendations to support the development of LGBTQ inclusion in education. Our research enables us to better understand the experiences of LGBTQ+ people in educational institutions, including the experiences of children, young people and staff. Through our research we provide voice and agency to those who have been marginalised. Through research, research informed professional learning, and the production of research informed resources we seek to transform the cultures of educational institutions so that individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ can experience a sense of belonging through a positive affirmation of difference.

There are eight research strands to our work:

Plus Icon Research Projects

Through our research projects we explore the perspectives of children, young people and staff who work in schools and colleges who identify as LGBTQ+. This helps us to understand the issues and informs the development of the recommendations which we produce.

Plus Icon Research informed support and guidance for schools and colleges

We produce digests to educational institutions which summarises the outcomes of our research and the implications for practice in accessible and concise formats.


Plus Icon Research informed professional learning for everyone working in schools

We provide a suite of professional learning opportunities for schools and colleges to provide a forum for sharing research findings into LGBTQ inclusion. Our research will support practitioners and educational leaders to transform institutional cultures and practices.

Developing a Whole School Approach to LGBTQ+ Inclusion Workshop

Developing an Inclusive approach in supporting Trans Pupils in PE

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Lead Governor (Online) 

At the Carnegie Centre for LGBTQ+ inclusion we understand the importance of the role governors in ensuring LGBTQ+ inclusion is adopted at a strategic and whole school level. 

This online module for governors is designed to help you take a 'ready not reactive' approach to LGBTQ+ inclusion in schools. We know that there is not a one size fits all approach to this work and so this session aims to raise awareness of key issues and offer advice on best practice which can be tailored to your context. 

Alongside the online module you will receive a workbook which will enable you to expand your knowledge on the topic and reflect on your learning throughout and after the session. 

Who can apply: Governors and Trust Board Members 
Cost: £50 (Group bookings can apply)

Leadership Development Programme for the LGBTQ+ inclusion 

At the Carnegie Centre for LGBTQ+ inclusion we believe that in order for LGBTQ+ inclusion to be embedded in a sustainable and at a whole school level there is a need for a dedicated member of staff to lead the work. 

We have created a programme to support staff to lead this work. 

The programme will be delivered online and will included the following topics: 

Values-driven leadership around LGBTQ inclusion 
LGBTQ+ inclusion for staff - How to gain buy in and stakeholder mapping 
LGBTQ+ inclusion for whole school community (including curriculum, legislation and the physical and emotional environment) 
Working through LGBTQ+ inclusion your own context 

Who can apply: Middle / Senior Leaders
Delivery Model: Three units, launched a month apart with live sessions, pre-recorded video links, resources, moderated workbook with feedback, facilitated online forum and certification
Cost: £175 (please contact us for group bookings and discounts)


Plus Icon Research collaboration with strategic partners

We develop strategic collaborative partnerships with other organisations to support us in developing and disseminating our research.

Plus Icon Research informed school and college LGBTQ+ Quality Mark

We provide a research informed quality mark / accreditation for schools and colleges to evidence and show effectiveness and impact of their whole school approach to LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Plus Icon Annual research symposium

We run an annual research symposium to disseminate our research into LGBTQ inclusion in education.

Plus Icon Practitioners research network

We facilitate a research network for practitioners to support the development of effective practitioner research in educational institutions.

Plus Icon Working paper series

We produce a monthly professional journal. This is a compilation of articles written by academics and practitioners. These articles illuminate issues in schools and colleges and share best practice in relation to LGBTQ inclusion in education.


Current research

We are currently exploring the experiences of school leaders who identify as LGBTQ+.

Collaborate with us

The Centre for LBGTQ+ Inclusion in Education values the opportunity of working together. Our aim is to collaborate with other organisations, to develop new projects and initiatives, shape and inform policies, share ideas and knowledge and signpost outstanding provision. Our vision is to be stronger together. Please contact us at

LGBTQ Members

Jonathan Glazzard | Michael Green | Kate Bancroft | Claire Birkenshaw | Claire Smith | Gaby Crolla | Shaun Dellenty | Hannah Jepson | Ian Lamond | John Shepperd | Sharon Slinger | Samuel Stones | Sir Steve Lancashire
We work in partnership with #LGBTed

Available Resources:

This exciting series is contemporary and accessible. It synthesises key research on LGBTQ+ inclusion in a range of educational settings and highlights implications for practice. 

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Professor Jonathan Glazzard

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