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The Story Makers Company

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Working with children to make stories that matter

 At the Story Makers Company we believe that the stories we tell define us and the world around us. We aim to give young people the power and the opportunity to create their stories through drama and creative writing. This approach to education aims to reengage young learners by building their confidence, developing their emotional literacy and creating an imaginative community they can belong to.

The Story Makers Press is a publisher focused on encouraging children’s voices and creativity. We aim to publish underrepresented narratives and issues and make sure that every child can see themselves in the books they read. Our goal is to help children become engaged and compassionate readers prepared to interact imaginatively with the world around them. We use drama and storytelling with children in order to get them to explore different narratives with us, which we then aim to transform into engaging fiction books.

We work in partnership with some of the most innovative and cutting edge Drama and Theatre Practitioners, artists and authors in the North; offering them the opportunity to work with universities, schools and community settings. The hub facilitates arts practitioner research and celebrates shared creative practice through conferences and the Story Makers Dialogues publication. At Story Makers we invest in young people’s development in and through the creative art processes and production using theatre, film, drama and creative writing. We give voice to underrepresented groups and inspire young people to express themselves through the arts. We develop learning pathways through the arts.

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