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Strategic Partners

Founder theatre company strategic partners

Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah
Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah creates high quality participatory drama and theatre with and for children and young people, their teachers and parents/carers, primarily in school settings. Through our work we create rich opportunities for experiential learning using compelling stories that matter to young people. We collaborate and co-create with young people and educators, theatre-makers and artists, communities and individuals to create inclusive work that places purposeful artistry and agency at its core.

Imagine If
Imagine If create thought provoking theatre about real issues within society for real people, in the here and now. We create art that is inspiring, entertaining, challenging and unashamedly honest for intimate audiences. We engage with those who have direct, personal experience of social problems in Britain through our art, for example offenders, ex-offenders and homeless young people. We have delivered performances in theatres across the UK and drama-based workshops in prisons, rehabilitation units and homeless hostels.

Community Theatre Group
Community Theatre Group are based in Belle Isle, South Leeds and seek to promote creative writing and drama, developing projects working with adults and primary school aged children. We are a young grassroots organisation who want to provide opportunities for people from a disadvantaged area to develop their creative skills and be part of projects which will build their confidence and impact positively on other aspects of their life.

Tribe Arts
A philosophically inspired, radical-political theatre company based in Leeds/Bradford. Originally a company of five, now the two remaining founding members – Tajpal Rathore and Samran Rathore – spearhead the creative vision, which is both excitingly radical and intuitively revolutionary. We amplify the stories and voices of the current Black and Asian generation and believe theatre needs to be rejuvenated into the 21st century, and want to cultivate an environment for a renaissance in theatre-making and produce unexpected performance theatre that reaches towards transcendental experiences.

Cholcreates arts and culture projects that challenge discrimination and explore the positive values of diversity within society. We create contemporary work that explores people’s responses to where they live, to cultural works and creates opportunities people may not have previously encountered. We look at hidden stories, empowering ordinary people through the experience of making theatre. Our Cultural Education Programme is having an extraordinary impact on the engagement and attainment of children and young people. Through Imaginary Communities teachers, children and artists work together to create fictional characters and worlds to inspire learning through and beyond the curriculum.

Alive and Kicking
Alive and Kicking is a Leeds based theatre company delivering highly interactive drama workshops, productions and CPD training in primary schools. With children at the centre of our work, we are dedicated to making dramas that involve children, parents, teachers and their communities. Through imaginative story we support writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. Our epic narrative journeys tackle relevant social and moral dilemmas through participatory themes such as Genie, Detectives, Vikings and Marvellous Monarchs.

Interplay National Sensory Theatre
Interplay works across all definitions of exclusion to create a special theatre that places the audience at the centre of the experience. Part installations, part performance, we create immersive environments in which the world of the play unfolds. We tour nationally to schools and venues, creating a total theatre that is accessible across five senses. This is not an artistic imperative, it is fundamental to our core work with young people with disabilities, many of whom experience the world through only one or two senses.

Daniel Ingram-Brown
A theatre director and playwright, Daniel is Artistic Director of Suitcase and Spectacles Children’s Theatre. Their current production, an adaptation of his first book, is supported by Leeds’ Carriageworks Theatre, Harrogate Theatre and The Leeds Big Bookend Festival. Daniel has written over twenty plays, specialising in journey-based performance and large-scale community productions. Daniel is the author of The Firebird Chronicles series for children aged 9-12: Rise of the Shadow Stealers (2013) and The Nemesis Charm (2016). He is the recipient of the Taner Baybars award (2016) for original fiction in the field of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Magical Realism. Currently Author in Residence at Beckfoot Upper Heaton School in Bradford, as part of First Story.

Libellule Theatre
Libellule Theature is a company passionate about exploring the collaboration between theatre and education to enrich the lives of young children. We strive to create high quality theatre experiences for children which open up young imaginations and develop learning opportunities in creative and magical environments. The company is passionate about taking theatre into educational settings and promoting the use of drama in the classroom as a teaching tool to engage children in their learning journeys.

Andy Hill - Regional Programme Manager (North), First Story
Over the last 10 years First Story has led over 300 creative writing residencies in secondary schools across the UK. Each school has been matched ;with a professional Writer-in-Residence and from there we follow a simple premise: write authentically and find your voice. Each residency and every student has enriched our practice and we continue to strive to unlock potential and build confidence through our work. Our charity has now shared over 125,000 original stories from young writers across the country, often in the most disadvantaged communities and on National Writing Day (27 June) we invite you to take a leap of faith that many of our writers have done before - to pick up a pen and make your voice heard.

Andrew Wilkinson
Burley Woodhead CE Primary School Deputy Headteacher and Year 3 teacher, Andrew is very interested in how a whole school approach can help teachers to develop their pedagogy around using drama to inspire children with their learning. Most recently he has led a UKLA funded project with partners at Leeds Beckett University with the dual purpose of developing teacher’s pedagogy around drama for learning while developing children’s agency in their writing. Over the years he has been involved in action research projects with CAPE UK and Osiris Educational. He has delivered drama sessions to the Masters course on Drama and Creative Writing at Leeds Beckett University, as well as workshops to B’ed undergraduate students. Andrew is also as a Specialist Leader in Education for the Eden Teaching School Alliance.

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