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Leadership Development Programme for Chairs of Governors


Actually finding our Governor Body weaknesses so that we can address them and move forward

Delegate Feedback
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The programme has a focus on school improvement and if you are a chair of governors, it will further develop your knowledge and skills. If you are seeking to take up the position in the future, it will prepare you for the role and its responsibilities.

Suitable For

The programme is aimed at individuals with a chair of governor responsibility, or for those who aspire to move into this post.


The course has rolling start dates. Please contact us for details.


The programme is delivered over a nine-month period.

You can flex your study around home and work commitments, completing the qualification at your convenience.


Sessions can be delivered at a venue to suit you. We can run the workshops at schools throughout the Yorkshire and Humber region.

If you are part of a cluster or an alliance and would like to run a session for your group of schools, please contact us.


Facilitators are drawn from experienced governors and current or former headteachers.




Delegates' feedback on what was good about the course:

"Thoroughly worthwhile day which was well led"

"Dynamic sharing of real experiences"

"Actually finding our Governor Body weaknesses, so that we can address them and move forward."

"Very useful introduction to theory and practice, which has encouraged me to review my approach to being a Chair."

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Learning Outcomes


The course offers a blended learning approach and the programme consists of:

  • Completion of leadership diagnostic tool to gain 360 degree feedback to assist with your professional development. 
  • Three face–to-face days (usually on a Saturday) over a nine-month period. 
  • One module with three online units. 
  • Access to online resources and materials. 
  • School-based scenarios to develop enquiry based techniques. 
  • Completion of a learning log and action plan to reflect on your learning. 
Leadership diagnostic: One of the first activities that you will undertake is the completion of a leadership diagnostic tool. This will provide 360 degree feedback on your strengths and areas for development across 16 leadership competencies. 

Face-to-face days: These will provide you with an opportunity to work collaboratively with peers, learning with and from each other. Following each face-to-face day, you will undertake professional reading via the online units, school-based scenarios and self-reflection, via completion of the learning log. You will complete three units during the programme: 

  • Day 1: Unit 1 - The Role of the Chair. 
  • Day 2: Unit 2 - Effective Governance. 
  • Day 3: Unit 3 - School Improvement.

Online Modules

Plus Icon Unit 1 - The Role of the Chair

In this unit, you will have the opportunity to consider yourself as a leader and your role as lead governor through the following sections:

  • Being a leader.
  • Being a lead governor.
  • Being a boundary worker.
Plus Icon Unit 2 - Effective Governance

In this unit, we will consider how you can successfully lead your team of governors and what you can do to ensure the team fulfils its role and has a positive impact. This unit has the following sections:

  • Being an effective team.
  • Getting the best from the governing body.
  • Succession planning for governors.
  • Leading the business.
Plus Icon Unit 3 - School Improvement

In this unit, we will focus on good governance, on your organisation’s purpose and on the results for its stakeholders through the following units:

  • Driving school improvement.
  • Leading change for improvement.
  • Developing the governing body.
Plus Icon School-based Scenarios

Each unit contains related school-based enquiries. The aim of the enquiries is to deepen your learning by:

  • Providing an opportunity to try out what you have learned.
  • Requiring you to seek out information, either in school or via the internet. 
  • Encouraging you to engage with appropriate concepts and techniques which can then be applied to your own school setting.
  • Enabling you to reflect upon key aspects of your professional practice and your development needs.

Certification and Completion

You are required to keep a learning log to reflect on your learning from each of the units and its impact on your leadership practice. The log is divided into three sections: preparing for/ during/ the end of the programme.

You are also required to include a leadership development plan within the learning log.

The learning log will not be formally assessed. However, it will need to be submitted to us to verify that you have completed all of the units, engaged with the content and reflected on your leadership practice.

Completion Requirements

In order to complete the programme you must:

  • Attend the face–to-face sessions for each of the three units.
  • Submit a learning log.
  • Have your learning log verified.


Delegates’ feedback on what was good about the course:

"Thoroughly worthwhile day which was well led.”

"Dynamic sharing of real experiences.” 

"Actually finding our Governor Body weaknesses so that we can address them and move forward.” 

"Very useful introduction to theory and practice which has encouraged me to review my approach to being a Chair.”

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Case Study - Carol McDermott

The course helps governors to create the life chances, through good quality education, that all children deserve.

Carol McDermott, Governor


I have been involved in school governance since January 2000 and over that period I have served on the governing bodies of several schools in many different capacities. My experience covers primary, special and secondary phases and includes the governance of provision that is currently the responsibility of the local authority. I believe the role of school governance is vital in securing the very best education for children.

Currently, I am chair of governors at a primary school in Kirklees which, following an inspection, was judged as requiring improvement. In February 2014, I took part in the Leadership Development Programme for Chairs of Governors.


The course provided an opportunity to reflect and develop my practice as a school governor. Having worked as a governor in schools for many years, I have faced challenges where hard work and teamwork have eventually brought about improvement and success.

Throughout the programme, I was able to share ideas, experiences and issues with a very skilled facilitator and other chairs of governors, who understood the demands of being a chair.


The programme helped build my confidence in terms of dealing with difficult situations. I know how important it is for governors to be able to offer both challenge and support, especially in difficult circumstances, and address concerns through open and frank discussion when things are not going as well as might be expected. Therefore, being able to share and reflect on some of these challenges in a supportive environment really helped me develop in this area.

Since completing the course, I was successful in my application to become a National Leader of Governance in March 2015 and I continue to be motivated and committed to my role as governor.

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