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School Support Staff

Support staff work alongside teachers, providing valuable support for teaching and learning activities. Staff with Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) status can work right across the curriculum, acting as specialist assistants for specific subjects or departments or helping to plan lessons and develop support materials. As part of HLTA North, we are a nationally recognised assessment centre for HLTA status and are committed to working in partnership with the HLTA National Assessment Partnership for upholding national recognised standards in assessment practice.

HLTA Events

Outstanding HLTAs of the Year

HLTA North nominates a candidate from each of these regions Y&H, NW, NE for the annual award of outstanding HLTA of the year. This is based on a rigorous selection process and short-listed candidates are then invited to attend a celebration event in London where the overall national winner is announced.

National outstanding HLTA award winner 2019:

Chris Mozo, New River College, London.

Previous national outstanding HLTA award winner 2018:

Deborah Carter, Austhorpe Primary School, Leeds.

For more information about achieving HLTA status and the annual outstanding HLTA of the year award, please visit the HLTA North website

Teacher and pupil

Higher Level Teaching Assistant HLTA Status

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