Civil Engineering Research Facility (CERF)
Civil Engineering Research Facility (CERF)
Dr Andrew Swan

Dr Andrew Swan

BEng(Hons) MSc(Eng), PhD
Senior Lecturer in Water Engineering

Dr Swan is water engineer with over 10 years of post-graduate experience, and a PhD in the field of Sustainable Drainage. He has worked in both Industry and Academia on a range of domestic and international engineering projects, including an extended VSO placement as a Water & Sanitation Engineer in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Industry Background

Yorkshire Water Research Fellow, University of Sheffield
Lead Civil Engineer, Earth Tech Engineering Ltd
Water & Sanitation Engineer, VSO volunteer, Zimbabwe

Academic Background

Post doctoral research experience at the University of Sheffield on a range of industrially funded research projects (partnering organisations included the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water).

Research Interests

Water & Sanitation Engineering for International Development
Water & Sustainability
Urban Drainage / Flooding

Teaching Interests

Water Resources
Civil Engineering Processes
Major Project

Recent publications (1999-Present)

Swan, A. (2009) "How to retrofit Sustainable Storm-water Management", 10th Waternet symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management: Environmental Sustainability Climate Change and Livelihoods, 28-30 Oct 2009, Entebbe, Uganda.

Swan A.D. and Stovin V.R. (2008) 'A Long-Term Planning-based Approach to Sustainable Stormwater Management in the UK', The 2nd IASTED African Conference on Water Resource Management, Science & Technology Innovation for Sustainable Development, September 8-10, ISBN: 978-0-88986-765-9; ISBN (CD): 978-0-88986-766-6.

Stovin VR and Swan AD (2007) 'Retrofit SUDS - Cost estimates and decision-support tools'. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Water Management Journal, 160 (4), December, pp 207-214. ISSN 1741-7589.

Swan, A.D., Moore, S.L., and Stovin, V.R. (2006) 'The use of retrofit SUDS to achieve urban water quality improvement', 7th International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling and the 4th International Conference on Water Sensitive Urban Design, 4-6 April, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 381-388. ISBN 0-646-45903-1

Swan, A.D. and Stovin, V.R. (2007) 'A long-term planning-based approach to sustainable Stormwater management', SUDSnet National Conference, Coventry University, TechnoCentre, 14th November.

Stovin, V.R. and Swan, A.D. (2003) 'Application of a retrofit SUDS decision-support ramework to a UK catchment'. In Proceedings of the Second National Conference on Sustainable Drainage, Coventry, UK, June.

Swan, A.D. and Stovin, V.R. (2002) 'A decision-support framework for the design of retrofit SUDS', International Conference on Sewer Operation and Maintenance (SOM2002), Bradford, November.

Swan, A.D., Stovin, V.R., Saul, A.J. and Walker, N. (2001) 'Modelling SUDS with deterministic urban drainage models'. In Proceedings of the First National Conference on Sustainable Drainage, Coventry, UK, June, pp. 202-213.

Swan, A., Stovin, V. and Reeves, M. (1999) 'Modelling urban drainage BMPs with HydroWorks/InfoWorks'. Proceedings of the UK Wastewater Planning Users Group (WaPUG) Autumn Meeting Conference and Workshop, Blackpool, 24-26 November.

Non-refereed reports and other publications

Stovin, V., Swan, A. and Moore, S., (2007) 'Retrofit SUDS for Urban Water Quality Enhancement', Final report to the Environment Agency/BOC Foundation.

SNIFFER (2006) 'Retrofitting Sustainable Urban Water Solutions
(Project UE3(05)UW5)', The report was produced jointly by SISTECH and the University of Sheffield (Stovin, V. and Swan, A.).