Civil Engineering Research Facility (CERF)
Civil Engineering Research Facility (CERF)
Testing Facilities

The Civil Engineering Research Facility at Leeds Beckett University has two dedicated laboratory facilities, approximately 535 m2 of floor space in total. One is primarily designated for undergraduate work, located in the Northern Terrace Building at our City Campus, the other is solely for research and development projects, particularly for large-scale bespoke testing equipment and is located at Unit 3, Roundhay Trade Park. An inventory of equipment is presented below, along with more detailed information on certain specific dedicated equipment.

Our testing faculties are opened industrial consultancy projects and testing and we welcome being contacted to explore how we may be of assistance.


Triaxial test rig
Shear box
Soil respiration equipment
Constant head permeameter
Falling head permeameter
Model dam
Computer data logger
2 No Consolidation cells
Density tests (wax pot, water displacement cylinder, sand replacement cylinder, sand container)
Particle Density (vacuum, gas jar, pyknometer methods)
Unconfined compression
2 No Rowe cells
1 No. Constant pressure apparatus
1 No. Particle size pipette
Point loader (rocks)
Microwave ovens
Sieve shaker
Soil index testing equipment (liquid limit, plastic limits and liner shrinkage)
1 No .Vane tester
1 No. Soil mixer
Geological collection and storage units (including microscopes and geological identification equipment)
Flammable storage unit
Geotextile machine
Creel system
CBR puncture test
Pullout test rig
Geotextile durability boxes
Controlled environment room


Aggregate Impact Test
Aggregate Crushing Value Test
CBR (50 kN load frame) 4.5 kN and 28 kN Proving Rings
CBR moulds/compaction (2.5 kg and 4.5 kg rammers)
Marshall Test Rig
Marshall Compactor
Mechanical Marshall balance
Bitumen Marshall mixer
Marshall balance
Magnesium Sulphate Soundness Test
Mould extruder
Water bath
Viscosity Cutback Rigs
Penetration Rig
Loss on heat oven
Bitumen stock material
Polished stone value (Polish) rig
Aggregate abrasion rig
Sieve shaker
PSV Test Rig (Pendulum)


Denison and associated computer equipment
Density testing
Cube crusher
Associated electronics
Transverse test bed
Reinforcement/steel storage rack
Heavy duty bar bender
Small bar bender

Model Structures

Model beam apparatus (4 No.)
Model cantilever apparatus (2 No.)
Force boards
Hounsfield Tensometer


Concrete mixer
Mortar mixer (3 No.)
3 No. Vibrating tables (1 No. variable & 1 No. mobile)
Cube mould rack
2 No Curing tanks
Masonry saw
Belle mixer
Vibrating poker
Bench cube cleaning
Beam mould
Crane mobile
Fork Lift (2 Pedestrian Electric, 1 Hydraulic manual)
2 No. Compressor (Air)
Vacuum Cleaner


Open channel
Pump rig
Submersible pump
1000 L container
Coagulation chamber


20 No. Levels
13 No. Theodolites
6 No. Total Stations
Ranging rods
Tapes (5 m, 30 m and 100 m)
Safety helmets
Hi vis vests

Microbiology Unit

Water quality test equipment (e.g. MTM, Paqualab, Membrane filtration, incubators, toxicity)
Bioremediation test equipment


Bridgeport Universal Milling Machine
Harrison M250 lathe
Small lathe
Grinder (pedestal)
Sand blaster
Mig welder
Welding extraction
Welding bench
Chop saw
Oxy/acet bottles
Welding cupboard
Tool storage cupboard
Nitrogen bottle