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Leadership and development (ILM)

At Leeds Beckett University, we are an accredited provider of Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) courses. We can offer accredited programmes in leadership, management and coaching from Levels 2 - 7.

ILM Programmes lead to internationally-recognised qualifications and use an experiential approach to developing staff. At Carnegie Great Outdoors, we support the residential element of these courses delivered in partnership with the Leadership Centre at Leeds Beckett University.

ILM Level 2 Award

Plus Icon Developing Effective Team Member Skills

Enhanced learning is best gained through exploration and challenge in a supportive environment, where participants feel confident in expressing their ideas. The natural outdoor environment provides both the setting and the stimulus for Carnegie Great Outdoors’ experiential learning programmes which enable participants to achieve an ILM Level 2 qualification.

This two day programme provides practicing team members and potential team leaders with a foundation to develop knowledge and team skills that will assist their personal development and allow them to become more effective. It helps learners understand how people work together to achieve common objectives through team working. It will give students the chance to also learn the importance of communication, adapt their own styles of learning and improve negotiation skills.

The ILM Level 2 qualification are ideal for those over the age of 15 who form part of a team within their schools, sixth form colleges, community youth organisations or social action projects.

ILM Level 3 Award

Plus Icon Leadership and Management

Enhanced learning is best gained through exploration and challenge in a supportive environment, where participants feel confident in expressing their ideas. The natural outdoor environment provides both the setting and the stimulus for Carnegie Great Outdoors’ experiential learning programmes which enable participants to gain an ILM Level 3 Award qualification.

The ILM Level 3 Award qualification is ideal for:

• Delegates who have management responsibilities but no formal training.
• Team leaders who are looking to move up to the next level of management.
• Managers who need to lead people through organisational change, budget cuts or other pressures.

ILM Level 5 Certificate

Plus Icon Leadership and Management

Our ILM 5 Certificate programme delivers engaging and inspiring leadership development through a process of transformational re-learning. Embedding highly contemporary Self Determination Theory within an experiential residential outdoor activity programme blended with classroom sessions, this approach delivers a tried and tested, highly engaging programme. You will return to your organisation a more confident and energised member of your team, having developed skills to help you find a deeper understanding of the people you are working with and making you better equipped to operate in a business environment.

Over the course of the 5 day residential you will take part in a mix of classroom sessions and outdoor adventurous activities delivered onsite and in the local area. All adventure activities are offered on a challenge by choice basis – trust us that no-one is forced to do anything! We don’t want to spoil the impact by telling you exactly what activities you will enjoy. Just come prepared to join in, be supported and you will reap the reward of the experiential learning approach. 

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