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Themed corporate programmes

Plus Icon One Team

The activities in this programme are about working effectively together and how shared values and beliefs can be encouraged. The starting point is about understanding the organisation's vision and how colleagues can best work with each other and develop mutually supportive relationships.

Plus Icon Communication

Clear and simple communication is the key to developing effective relationships in the workplace. Through a range of activities, our coaching team will help participants reflect on the ways in which they communicate with colleagues and how different styles and methods of communication can enhance performance.

Plus Icon Challenge

The Challenge programme helps equip your team with strategies for overcoming obstacles. The activities in this programme have been designed around identifying strengths and levels of determination. It will help you to understand how to motivate your team effectively, overcome challenge and maximise team potential.

Plus Icon Building a New Team

This programme provides the opportunity to bring together a newly formed team. Our coaches will give insights into breaking the ice, creating the right first impression, building good relationships and gaining trust.

Plus Icon Celebration

You’ve hit the target, made a great achievement, worked above and beyond and what's more, you've done it all as a team. You want to spend some quality time as a team, have a fun, positive, even competitive time outside the workplace to mark the milestones you've achieved, acknowledge the team's success and set everyone on the path to even greater things, newly motivated and inspired after some fun time celebrating together.

Our themes have been specifically created to ensure high levels of engagement, rewarding challenge and effective networking amongst your team. Choose your preferred theme from the list below and we will work with you to select appropriate activities to support the outcomes.

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