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Typical activities

Depending on your overall programme time, location and objectives, activity programmes could include the following sessions:

Plus Icon Archery

Archery can be run both indoors and outdoors; it is a relaxing activity that promotes focus.

You will shoot at the targets and pop balloons with the modern arrows. Our trained instructors will explain the equipment and coach you through your archery session, helping you to develop stability, concentration, co-ordination and more.

The session can include a fun competition, and provides an opportunity for individuals to get to know each other in an enjoyable environment.

Archery can be arranged as a single or double session activity.

Plus Icon Catapult Challenge

The challenge is to design and construct a freestanding catapult from the materials provided and propel an object the furthest distance possible from a fixed start line.

A catapult will test a team’s ability to develop a clear action plan, work with it, refine it and eventually bring it to fruition as they must safely launch an object as far as possible. It is a perfect challenge for appointing a project manager and discussing leadership styles as part of the review.

Plus Icon Colour Blind

Colour Blind is a mentally challenging but fun exercise involving communication and problem solving. Can a team identify the colour and shape of an object whilst wearing blindfolds?

This is a group challenge that neatly replicates the periodic confusion and loss of vision often experienced in our workplaces. Colour Blind is a challenge in verbal communication, which demonstrates effectively the enormous and fascinating variety of strategies which individuals use to make sense of their worlds.

Plus Icon Crack the Code

The aim is for the team to pick the correct symbol from a range of twelve.

They must work together to create a system that will enable them to eliminate the eleven incorrect symbols.

Only one member of the team can partake in the final elimination process and they will be picked at random by the facilitator.

Plus Icon Crate Stacking

The team must build a tower of crates as high as possible whilst a team member is stood on top of the tower.

There is an emphasis on planning, and the team must discuss tactics to build the tower as high as possible without toppling the stack.

Plus Icon Earthquake

Earthquake is a classic physical problem solving challenge where teams have to work together effectively to get from one side of a canyon to the other using the equipment provided.

This challenge needs everyone to plan, communicate and listen effectively before executing a solid plan that will need to be dynamic and flexible.

This activity highlights the need to think outside the box for a successful outcome.

Plus Icon Extraction

Extraction is a moderately physical problem solving exercise. In order to succeed the team will have to work together and communicate effectively by initially solving the problem, then developing a plan to retrieve an object.

The execution of the plan will require leadership, followership and a dynamic, flexible approach.

This activity is a fantastic practical exercise to explore who the potential leaders of your team might be and to develop a solid team ethos within your organisation.

Plus Icon Indoor Climbing

Indoor Climbing is a superb inclusive physical activity that will require determination, physical problem solving, physical fitness and trust in your team members.

Indoor Climbing can be used to highlight how easy it is to become focused on just what is in front of you and how sometimes the solution to a problem is close by but just out of sight until you look.

Indoor Climbing can also be used effectively for personal development and can explore coping strategies to help us all manage our inner anxieties which can sometimes limit our performance on a personal and organisational level.

We have fully qualified and experienced coaches who can tailor the day to your specific outcomes.

Plus Icon Manage the Flock

This is a fun activity where one member of the team acts as the shepherd and all other team members are blindfolded as ‘sheep’ that are ‘grazing in the field’.

The sheep must be guided by the shepherd into the sheep pen, using non-verbal communication as no-one is allowed to talk during the activity.

This activity focuses on the importance of planning, and explores team communication.

Plus Icon Minefield

Minefield is a mildly physical challenge and explores the world of perception, communication and trust.

Certain members of the team will be blindfolded and verbally guided by a partner to retrieve objects in an environment laced with difficulties and problems. A sound strategy, great communication and listening skills are required to be successful in this task.

This exercise effectively mimics the confusion and often the misperception found in the workplace and allows teams to put in place strategies to maximise the focus required to succeed.

Plus Icon Night Line

The team has a few minutes to observe where they are going from the start point before they are blindfolded. They follow a rope that leads them on a sensory trail through a variety of obstacles from one end to the other.

This is a fun activity where communication and trust are the keys to success.

Plus Icon Packtypes

Packtypes is a psychometric based game that takes minutes to understand yet is so revealing and uplifting that just playing enhances self awareness, esteem, confidence, understanding and relationships.

For years Packtypes has been trusted by schools, the police, NHS Trusts, charities and businesses to get people to open up and talk.

Plus Icon Puzzle Proper

Puzzle Proper is a mentally challenging but fun exercise which explores how each team member has a vital part to play in the execution of a given workplace task.

Initially the exercise demands team problem solving skills, then quickly requires the team to communicate effectively and perform their part of the puzzle at exactly the right time and under additional time pressure.
This activity is a superb way to develop the workplace team to perform together effectively under pressure in order to achieve the organisational goal.

Plus Icon Rollerball

Rollerball is a great team task that highlights the 'big team' principle; it effectively demonstrates that each of the workforce has a vital role to play in the 'process' of your organisation.

The team will be asked to pass a small ball along a designated course using a selection of different sized tubes without dropping the ball. The ball in this case could be the client and each of the team members represents each of the processes a client would go through in their dealing with your organisation.

Each team member has to do their bit of the process successfully in order for the ball to travel down the course.
This is a great exercise for a large team who maybe don't work directly with each other.

Plus Icon Signlines

Signlines is a mentally challenging problem solving exercise which is fantastic for developing a team’s cognitive skills.

Teams will be encouraged to work together and communicate effectively in order to achieve the task in an allotted time by placing the cards in sequence to solve the puzzle.

This activity successfully illustrates the vital importance of sharing information to enable the whole group to achieve a collective goal. It involves a real test of communication and listening as well as group problem-solving.

Plus Icon Spider's Web

Spider’s Web is a physical problem solving challenge. The team is asked to pass through a spider’s web without awakening the spider.

In order to be successful the team will have to work together on a solution with complete trust being essential to execute the plan.

This is a great activity for a newly formed team, it is light-hearted, fun and can highlight the vital role our co-workers can play in support of us all achieving our tasks and responsibilities.

Plus Icon Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a fun and mildly challenging exercise where team members try to get from one side of a river bank to the other using the stepping stones given.

This exercise is ideal for teams who have recently started working together; it is not too intense and requires mild problem solving skills and teamwork. But get it wrong and you will end up wet!

Plus Icon Stocktake

Stocktake is a superb and challenging cognitive exercise which develops teamwork, memory and focus.

The challenge is initially in the planning, which quickly shifts focus to the execution and this develops the team's ability to filter the interference going on around them and concentrate on their particular part to play whilst still being aware of the surroundings.

This is a great exercise to simulate a busy workplace and to 'zone in' to your tasks and responsibilities.

Plus Icon Swamp Monster

Swamp Monster requires your team to work together effectively in order to safely cross an area using a series of wooden boxes and planks within a set time limit.

It is an excellent challenge for developing communication and problem solving skills within a team. This challenge is often run in conjunction with Water Pipe to increase the level of difficulty.

Plus Icon Tower of Power

Tower of Power is a moderately physical problem solving exercise.

In order to succeed the team will have to work together and communicate effectively to successfully plan and build a tower by placing blocks on top of one another using a crane. 

The execution of the plan will require leadership, followership and a dynamic, flexible approach.

Plus Icon Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam is a fun but challenging activity that explores problem solving, effective communication and physical balance.

Teams are asked to swap places whilst using the supplied boxes; to be successful teams will first need to work out a sequence and then perform it correctly against a time pressure.

Teams will have to remain calm and perform their part of the sequence at the correct time and successfully if the challenge is to be achieved within the time limit.

Plus Icon Water Pipe

Water Pipe is a fun problem solving challenge ideal for all levels of the workforce.

It requires the team to work together to solve the problem of retrieving an important key at the bottom of a tall pipe using the resources available.

This is an ideal light-hearted challenge for newly formed teams and will have everyone smiling at the end, if not a little bit wet!

Plus Icon Webmaster

Webmaster is a large-scale practical task that involves working together and problem solving to correctly link together different colours and lengths of rope to create one single interconnected structure.

There is only one way that the pieces will fit together, and teams work from a black and white diagram to complete the task within the time.

Plus Icon Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball is a fantastic 'inclusive' activity which is surprisingly physical and great fun. It can be both fast and competitive with all players getting maximum opportunity to take part on a level playing field.

We have a former GB Wheelchair Basketball player/coach who will initially introduce you to the game and the skills involved with a few training practices and fun games.

When the team is ready they will take part in a game where strategy and support for one another is paramount.

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