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Fundamentally this course is designed for all white-water paddlers. The objective is to teach simple and safe skills that can be applied appropriately.

Course Aims

  • To improve individuals awareness of safety skills in the river environment
  • To teach personal survival skills
  • To teach basic throw line rescue techniques
  • To understand the need for structure in an emergency situation
  • To outline basic rescue protocols that prioritise the safety of the individual above all others
  • To introduce and develop the ‘clean rope’ principle

The philosophy is to teach practical skills in a practical manner. By its nature the course is very ‘hands-on’ and should not usually contain much classroom work. Any theory should be limited to short riverside sessions, the duration of which will be naturally limited.


Due to the paddling environment and the boat control required the candidate should be:

  • Confident in their ability to paddle on grade 2 water
  • Be confident swimming in normal canoe clothing suitable for a moving water environment
  • Be a minimum of 16 years of age
  • A first aid certificate is not a pre-requisite; however the holding of a first aid certificate is strongly recommended for all paddlers.

Cost: £150 (non-residential), £185 (self-catering), £225 (full board)

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