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Research & Consultancy

Our team work with corporate clients to match the right academic expertise with research requirements in order to conduct pioneering research related to outdoors activities.

Our Research Teams

Being part of Leeds Beckett University means that we have unlimited access to researchers and academics with expertise covering a variety of disciplines

Our team work with corporate clients to match the right academic expertise with research requirements in order to conduct pioneering research related to outdoors activities.
Research is beneficial to clients who need to:

  • Evaluate the feasibility of a new product or programme
  • Validate the outcomes of outdoor activities and training programmes
  • Test theories and explore the impact of outdoor activity for groups i.e. school children
  • Assess the effectiveness of an initiative or campaign
  • Test the effects of altitude through our dedicated altitude centre

Through commissioning research, our clients to able to more closely monitor, understand and reflect on programme outcomes and reduce risk.

We have state-of-the-art sport science facilities including physiology, biochemistry and biomechanics laboratories which monitor physical activity and assess sporting performance. This consists of measuring heart rate, oxygen consumption and blood lactate responses during exercise to establish VO2max as well as analysing muscle strength and movement patterns. Some of our more specialist laboratory facilities include a DXA scanner measuring bone health and body composition and an environmental chamber which can simulate conditions of extreme humidity, heat, cold and altitude.

Recent research articles

Battle Back

We have developed a new web page for the Battle Back Centre. Please view for more information. Right Arrow

Battle Back research in the Benefits of Outdoor Sports for Society Project (BOSS)

BOSS Project and EU funding logos

What is the BOSS project?

The European wide BOSS project was designed to help organisations research the social value of their interventions/projects. It engaged with existing outdoor sports projects that seek to build social capital or develop social change in individuals or communities through the use of outdoor sports. The contributing organisations helped to develop a Toolkit that guides anyone who is developing or managing outdoor sports to show the impact of their project. 

Download the interactive summary of the BOSS project

How was Battle Back Involved?

Leeds Beckett University was approached by The European Outdoor Group and invited to put forward Battle Back as a case study. It was accepted as one of only 12 projects from across Europe. Battle Back was chosen as one of the underpinning case studies in order to develop a toolkit to help others research their projects. The case studies focused on the testing and evaluating of the process that had been designed. This ensured it was both practical to use and produced standardised information. Our research and testing of the method contributed to the toolkit that was developed.

Findings from the Case Study testing

What will happen with the Toolkit?

The dissemination of this research will be targeted to four key sectors:
• The political sector: this will include the European Commission and both central and regional authorities that have a remit for the development of sport and/or social integrations/development.
• The National sports sectors including European and National federations as well as voluntary clubs and grass roots providers of outdoor sports.
• The Scientific/Academic sector through publication of findings in academic journals and also through sharing a networking conferences and events
• Industry and commercial sector through the European Outdoor Group who bring to together the main manufacturers and the outdoor industry

Outdoor Adventure Education

Human Physiology in Extreme Environments

Research projects

Recent research projects for clients

  1. 1Exploring the psycho-social outcomes of a 5-day adventurous activity programme on young people facing life changing difficulties and illnesses.
  2. 2Evaluation of the Adaptive Sport and Adventurous Training Battle Back Programme.
  3. 3Physiological Changes at High Altitude.
  4. 4Defining and Evaluating YHA Experiences.
  1. 5Italian Altitude Military Project.
  2. 6Getting the right fit: tailoring outdoor adventure residential experiences for the transition of school children.
  3. 7Building Student Resilience through First-Year Outdoor Adventure Residential Experience in Higher Education.
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