The further development of a coordinated network for Sport Coaching in Europe (Coachnet)


The CoachNet project aims to further develop a structure for the co-ordination of sport coaching at a European level.  The project has been granted a financial contribution from the EU, and has been recognised as a priority of the European Commission Sport Unit within the framework of the Preparatory Action in the field of sport.

The Voice of the Coach

Stakeholders include:

  • Coaches’ Associations at the National and European level
  • Lead national organisations in Sport Coaching
  • International Federations at the European level
  • Higher education institutions
  • Employers of coaches

This network will strengthen cohesion within Sport Coaching with an enhanced emphasis on the ‘voice of the coach’. It will also build on the existing reference points for the education, and development of sport coaches, as well as providing a focal point for representation, research and communication on sport coaching issues at the European level.

There are a number of work packages to be delivered throughout the project which will determine its success.

The main outputs of the project will be as follows:

  • Research and Mapping
    Research of current engagement levels within the European Coaching Council and mapping the position of coaches associations in partner states, and at the European level.
  • ‘Best Practice Guide’ for coaches associations and representation at the national and European level
    Identifying models of best practice in the development of coaches associations;
    Developing operational guidelines and templates for the optimal development of coaches associations
  • Revised governance structure for the European Coaching Council
    Developing a revised structure, to include lead national organisations, international federations, coaches associations, higher education and employers.
    Organisation of the project, dissemination of its purposes, evaluation of its work, and future action planning will be core themes throughout the project.

Project programme:
The project commenced on 1st January 2012 and will complete on 30st April 2013.  Initial research will begin between April and June, and initial findings and recommendations will be made for consultation between June and August.

A final conference will take place in Leeds on 19th and 20th March 2013 which will present the project’s findings.

The final report will be submitted to the European Commission after the completion of the Project.



Partner Presentations


25th and 26th January 2012

17th and 18th April 2012   Cologne
13th and 14th June 2012 Helsinki
November/December 2012 TBC Poland
March/April TBC   Leeds


Karen Mockett,
Technical Project Officer - Global Coaching Office,
Leeds Metropolitan University,
Carnegie Hall,
Headingley Campus,
Tel: 0113 812 3251
Mob: 07780 493008

The further development of a coordinated network for Sport Coaching in Europe (Coachnet)


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.