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Sustainable Catering

For us, sustainability means carrying out our work in a responsible and thoughtful manner, giving full consideration to everyone and everything we work with. By being innovative in our approach now we are able to promote a lasting culture change throughout our organisation, supply chain and the local communities within which we work.

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  • Promote more efficient use of resources.
  • Re-use equipment, increase recycling and promote the use of recycled materials.
  • Promote and manage energy and water efficiency in all our operations.
  • Where appropriate, donate unused cold items to local charities.
  • Source within UK & International guidelines.
  • Only use suppliers who have provided written guarantees on the fair sourcing of their products.
  • Buy local seasonally available produce from producers that are working to increase their sustainability efforts.
  • Purchase meat and dairy products from local farms with high animal welfare standards.
  • Purchase fish from suppliers who catch fish in the North Sea from sustainable stocks.
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We will not source from controversial origins and use suppliers that have visited product sources, checking working conditions as well as hygiene and traceability.

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  • We train employees on environmental and ethical supply chain management.
  • We train employees to use resources effectively and efficiently.
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  • Our large number of employees and stakeholders have an impact on the local community and we therefore provide opportunities to work on projects that give back to the area, benefiting the people of Leeds.
  • We make it everyone’s responsibility to help create an inclusive community in which we are all enabled to achieve our full potential.
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