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Our logo is an important part of our brand, which you are able to display in your email, alongside details of your job role and our address. Please see full array of signatures below for more information. 

Email signature usage

  1. How to add signature to your Outlook account

    1. Click on the image of the relevant signature - this will open it in a new page
    2. Highlight and copy the signature
    3. In Outlook select 'File'
    4. Select 'Options' 
    5. Select 'Mail' from the left hand menu
    6. Click 'Signatures' on the right-hand side
    7. Click 'New' and give your new signature a name
    8. In the large box right click and paste the signature (making sure to select the Keep Source Formatting option)
    9. Update the content with your details
    10. Click 'Save'
    11. Set your new email  signature as the default using the 'Choose default signature' in the top right of the dialogue box

Covid-19 signature

 COVID19 email signature


Leeds Beckett University
 LBU Now Awards Signature
 Leeds Beckett University + award logos
 LBU Signature + Logos  
 Leeds Beckett University International
 LBU International Signature


School of Arts
School of Built Environment, Engineering and Computing
 School of Clinical & Applied Sciences
 CAS Email Signature
 School of Cultural Studies & Humanities
 CSH Email Signature
 Carnegie School of Education
 CSE Email Signature
 School of Events, Tourism & Hospitality Management
 ETHM Email Signature
 School of Health & Community Studies
 HCS Email Signature
 Leeds Business School
 LBS Email Signature
 Leeds Law School
 LLS Email Signature
 Northern Film School
 NFS Email Signature
 School of Social Sciences
School of Social Sciences Signature
 Carnegie School of Sport
 CSS Email Signature

Research & Enterprise
 research & enterprise email signature


England Athletics Charter Mark
 Accreditation logo


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