getting started with sitecore

If you're new to our university's content management system (CMS) Sitecore, you'll want to know how to get started and how to create or edit your content.

In this page you'll find a video guide that will show you how to get logged in and start to edit your content, as well as information about how to get access to Sitecore if you haven't already been granted publishing rights.

Sitecore Getting started and accessing your content

How do I get access to Sitecore?

You’ll need to contact the Digital Experience and Engagement team to request access, please fill out the form below including:

  • Your line manager’s name
  • A list of online content training modules you have completed
  • A list of all pages you require access to, including links
  • Briefly outline your editing duties, including the type of updates you will be making and how frequently you will be making them (a rough estimate is fine)
  • Please let us know if you have received any training to use the CMS from a member of the Digital Experience and Engagement team

Please note: We retain the right to refuse access to the university’s CMS - Sitecore. All publishers must have completed Level 1 content training available to colleagues, however access to Sitecore will depend on business needs. If access is granted you may only be able to edit specific items in your page, this is so we are able to maintain page navigation and layout across our website.

Content training modules can be found on People Development Online.

For content creators without access to Sitecore, you can request updates to web pages by emailing