sitecore - media library

images: please note

Any images found within the media library that don't have a unique job number attached and/or don't follow the below naming conventions may be removed by the Digital Team.


Everything you need to know about images

  1. Image sizes

    Smaller image sizes = faster page loads = better page rankings.

    • .png  or .jpeg should be used
    • Images uploaded to the media library should not exceed 500KB
    • We recommend that you resize your image to max 1200px on the longest side (hero images may vary but should be handled by the Digital team)
    • Aspect ratios will vary across devices so do not use close up images if possible
    • We recommend using 3:2 aspect with a focus area of 1:1
  2. Global asset bank

    A global asset bank has been added to the media library. Use the global asset bank when your content needs a general image. If a new image is required, this must be:

    • Approved by the Creative team
    • Uploaded into Sitecore by the Digital team
  3. Campus images

    Campus images are available to use in the Global Asset Bank folder - Please don't add additional images of campus to the media library ANYWHERE.

  4. Staff images

    All staff images must be approved for use by the Digital team or Creative team. Searching by name should present any images already available for use within the media library. Please don't upload images of staff at any time without permission to do so.

  5. Logos

    All logos must be approved for use by Marketing Managers, Service Leads or the Creative team and uploaded to the Global Asset Bank by the Digital team. Please don't upload additional logos to the media library - this will help us to avoid duplications.

    All logos should be named as such and include the word ‘logo’. This means they can easily be identified in the media library.

    For example:

    • LBU_logo_white
    • LBU_logo_minimal_black
    • Leeds_Rhinos_logo
    • Leeds_City_Coucil_logo
  6. What if I'd like to use an image but I want to know if it's already in use?

    To avoid overuse of images - particularly those with people in - you can check the number of times it has already been used by clicking on the folder it's housed within.

  7. Can I upload images to the media library?

    NO - general images shouldn't be uploaded to the media library.

    Only images approved for use by the Creative team should be added to the Global Asset Bank and even then, only by the Digital team. You may upload images if they are related to editorial content or research centres - see below.

  8. Alt tags

    If you are permitted to upload images for your content, you must always add an alt tag. See the accessibility checklist for more information.