Correct names for buildings and facilities should be used, for example, the Great Hall and Sheila Silver Library, rather than City Campus Library. Also, Library should be capitalised.

When referring to different buildings, the word building should be lower cased, for example James Graham building.

Headingley Campus and City Campus should be capitalised. General references such as the campus should not be.

Leeds city centre should not be capitalised.

Bold text is used for emphasis and to draw the user’s eye to key points – use bold sparingly. Overuse will reduce impact. If everything’s in bold, none of it stands out.

Use a bulleted list for items that do not have to be in a specific order. Use a numbered list for items that must be in a specific order, such as steps or a timeline of events.

Always use sentence case for bullets – so, start each bullet with an initial capital letter followed by lower case. Bullets should never have a full stop at the end – we use bullets to make lists easier to read but also to split subject points that don’t require a separate sentence into easily digestible bullets. And because each bullet is a separate, standalone point, we never, ever put an and or similar joiner at the end of a bullet.

Where a full stop, or any other punctuation used at the end of a sentence, occur in the middle of a bullet, that’s OK, as is using a question mark at the end.

For example:

  • Bullets should always begin with an upper-case letter
  • They never have a full stop at the end
  • But what if a bullet is a question?
  • Shouldn’t it be able to end in a question mark? The answer is always ‘yes’