Calls to action (cta)

signposts to guide users

CTAs are distinct enough to warrant their own section here. They’re the keys to our users’ interaction with our pages – they literally guide users around our sites, for example, a link to a web page or application form.

  1. Describe the destination

  2. Try to use imperatives

  3. Use verbs – active instructions

  4. Stick to first person

  5. Try to stay under 25 characters where possible

  6. Two words are ideal – a maximum of five

  7. Links should stand alone – should be understandable when taken out of context and read alone

  8. Don’t break promises – don’t waste a user’s click – keep link true and descriptive

Say this

Choose a place that suits you. With over 4000 rooms, in a wide range of accommodation types, we know you’ll find the right place for you. You can book now if you have a conditional or unconditional offer.

Explore our accommodation                                                                                                                                               

Not this

We offer over 4000 bedrooms available across a wide range of accommodation and we're confident that your time spent in halls will be so good you just won't want to leave. Whether your offer is conditional or unconditional, if you've made Leeds Beckett your firm choice you can book today!

Click here