Avoid jargon and university-speak.

Sometimes terms that are specific to the university, such as The Office for Students, cannot be avoided. Write these terms out in full the first time they are used.

See also Acronyms
Job titles

University job titles have initial caps only when the title is next to the name, in whatever order. Thus:

  • The School Secretary, Harold Hardy, said...
  • Student Union President Jane Tucker

Any post mentioned without reference to the post-holder should be in lower case, for example, the dean will be out of the country for several days.

Use academic titles whenever appropriate, remembering that it should be Dr with no full stop and Professor written in full, never abbreviated. Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor are not hyphenated.

Initial use of names for academic staff should include title, first and last names: Professor Jackie Bloggs, Dr Fiona Rabbit. Future uses should be Dr Rabbit or Professor Bloggs.

The exception to this is for internal feature pieces where first name use may be more appropriate.

Course titles

Quote the course title in full, for example MSc Landscape Architecture, or BSc (Hons) Architecture. When referring to an area or sector, lower case should be used, for example, studying a course in the area of landscape architecture.

Acronyms should initially be written in full, with the acronym only following in brackets if it is to be repeated later in the text. For example, The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).


Use Masters not masters, Master’s or Masters’ and PhD not phd or PHD.

When referring to A levels, please use this format, which is consistent with UCAS – no hyphen and capital A and lower-case l.