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Microcopy includes browser titles, headlines, taglines, email subject lines, tooltips, CTAs, navigation labels, form fields’ validation messages. Use them to nudge users towards a desired action, or to add clarity to a user interface – often with no additional context. 

Follow these rules

  1. Focus on the immediate task

    Limit content to only what the user needs at the time. Don’t try to explain everything at once. Simplify the number of options a user needs to select from and display the information in a logical order.

  2. Results before action

    Present the outcome before the method, for example, ‘To save a course, select add to favourites’.

  3. Plain language

    This means no puns or ‘cute’ words. Use confident, concise, instructional words. And don’t try to be clever.

  4. Serve the customer

    Users rely on microcopy to complete the user interface. Think about what you’d say to the user if you were sitting next to them, walking them through the process. But use your judgement. If you find yourself using more than one or two words, you’re probably trying to solve a design issue with copy.