Use Masters not masters, Master’s or Masters’ and PhD not phd or PHD.

When referring to A levels, please use this format, which is consistent with UCAS – no hyphen and capital A and lower-case l.

Quotation marks are used for direct speech – always use double quotation marks when quoting someone, for example, “I love grammar,” said Professor Jordan.

Use single quotation marks for quotes within quotes, for example, “When the student representative said, ‘We love grammar too,’ it made me happy,” Professor Jordan told the panel.

Each section of direct speech ends with a punctuation mark. If there’s no reporting clause (where you tell the reader who said the quote, for example, ‘said Professor Jordan’), then the punctuation mark is likely to be a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark. For example, “It’s a great day for our university.”

Notice that punctuation marks are included inside the speech marks.

If there is a reporting clause, use a comma before the final speech marks.  For example, “I think this really puts Leeds Beckett University on the map,” said Professor Jordan. Again, the punctuation marks are included inside the speech marks.

Also see ‘Indirect speech’