Because underlining is used to indicate links – either to an internal destination within the same website, or an external site – text should never be underlined on a web page or in a document that is uploaded to a website. This helps to avoid confusion for the user.

We should use both imperial and metric measures in most stories. Context will usually decide which measure comes first, but if the first figure is part of a quote it should be retained, with a conversion in brackets immediately afterwards.

Where instantly recognisable abbreviations exist, these should be used throughout, even at first reference. For example, don’t write the words "metre", "kilometre" out in full. Use the abbreviations m and km.

  • All numbers preceding abbreviations should be rendered as digits
  • Where units are written out in full, our usual numbers convention is followed
  • There should not be a gap between number and abbreviated unit
  • Units of measurement do not in general take an "s" in the plural

A nanometre is one thousand millionth of a metre. Spell it out in full at first reference, then trim to nm, with the accompanying number expressed as digits. For example, 6nm, 52nm.

For weights, use grams, kilograms and tonnes (not the imperial ton).

  • For kilograms, use the abbreviation kg throughout
  • For grams – one thousandth of a kilogram – use the abbreviation g throughout
  • This rule applies whether singular or plural
  • They’re both lower case with no gap between number and unit, for example, she caught a 150g fish, he weighed at least 90kg
  • Avoid the term "metric ton" and the tautological "metric tonne"

For volumes, use litres – note that "litres" is not abbreviated, because "l" looks like a number one.

Use an uppercase first letter for event titles. For example, Open Days and Graduation 2021.

The terms undergraduate, graduation, postgraduate and international aren’t capitalised, unless they are part of an event title, for example, Undergraduate Open Day.

The use of UG and PG is acceptable for internal use only.