Postgraduate MA

Autism, Learning and Participation

You’ll develop a deep understanding of key ideas, principles and theories in autism and inclusion, and their implications for inclusive practice.

Autism, Learning and Participation

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    1 Year
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    20 Sep 2021

If you’re a professional who supports learners with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in education and related settings, this course will enable you to take an interdisciplinary approach to your work.

As part of this course, you’ll:

  • Reflect on current provision and approaches for supporting individuals and groups with autism
  • Explore current interventions available to support and enhance the participation of individuals with autism in all settings 
  • Develop your practice in the context of equal opportunities and inclusive practice and related issues such as social justice and equality, the social model of disability, human rights, children’s and young people’s participation and partnership working
  • Critically review the diagnostic criteria for autism and explore the concept of the ‘autism lens’

This course will enable you to consider the educational, historical and social contexts in which recognition, diagnosis and intervention of autism have developed. 

You’ll explore the current psychological and developmental theories of autism and identify the unique thinking style of individuals diagnosed as autistic. Throughout your modules you’ll evaluate the current statistics on the incidence of, and research into, the causes of the condition to understand how to work with others to support individuals. 

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