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Developing an in-depth whole school approach as senior mental health lead - INTERMEDIATE

Developing a whole school approach to mental health strategy requires a strong vision coupled with clear protocols and operational goals.

Developing an in-depth whole school approach as senior mental health lead - INTERMEDIATE

Course Overview

  • Attendance

    Part Time
  • Dates

    November – February 
  • Venue

    Blended Learning 
  • Cost


Senior Mental Health Leads or those who have strategic responsibility for Mental Health in schools will often already have significant responsibilities in their school setting, often involving leadership of inclusion and safeguarding. 

The focus of this course is therefore on the lead developing the second tier of support within schools; the selective interventions which are utilised once a mental health issue presents in a student. 

This intermediate course is for leads who are looking to further develop the school mental health support offered. 
This course focuses on:

  • Examining the methods used to assess your current interventions
  • Consider how your staff interpret the information or observations from or of students
  • Evaluate the available interventions and assess the impact of these

Within this course you will supported to assess what you are currently doing in your setting to enable you to make evidence-based changes in reference to the 8 principals in the whole school approach. This will be done using best practice and accessing insight from educational leaders who are hold this role profile currently. 

In addition to peer support and feedback there are two personalised sessions where you will:

  • Be supported to create an action plan to focus on developing, introducing, or improving your current assessment of interventions. It will also explore any gaps in the current intervention map, cross comparing to best practice and ensuring all types of mental health are supported.
  • Receive feedback of how you are quality assuring provision based on the evidence you provide.  This is particularly significant for Mental Health Leads in schools facing multiple challenges. At this session you have an option to invite other members of your Senior Leadership Team or Governors to further emphasise that there is a collective responsibility to improving mental health and wellbeing across the school.

The deep dive nature of this course is to support you with a real launch point as a Mental Health Lead, to provide you with the support and structure to make sustainable change.

Our programme delivery is as follows:

  • Unit 1 – What should be in place in our setting
  • Unit 2 – Mapping out current provision including internal and external agencies
  • Unit 3 - What is the legislation I need to know and how has mental health changed post pandemic?
  • Unit 4 – Evidence based practise – what’s out there, how do I assess it and how can I use it?
  • Unit 5 – Screening – why do people use it, what tools are available and which are most useful for my setting?

Suitable for: Colleagues from all phases and settings who are looking to further develop the school mental health support offered.

Delivery Mode: Blended Learning – our programme features online live learning, online forum discussions, online learning, individual and group coaching, personalised audit planning and access to a face to face conference (held regionally).

All participants will also have access to the Carnegie Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead Community to attend further CPD opportunities.

Duration: The course runs from November – February and is broken into five online units with seminars and two 121 session and finishes with a regional face to face day with coaching triads and round table discussions.

Cost: £900

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