Social Work CPD

Practice of Best Interest Assessor


Practice of Best Interest Assessor

Course Overview

  • Attendance

    Part Time
  • Duration

    4 months
  • Dates

    15 March 2021 – Course Induction 13 April 2021 – Course teaching starts
  • Venue

    Blended learning - City Campus/MS Teams
  • Time

    9:30am - 4:30pm
  • Cost

    £1200 (L6); £1000 (L7)

This module aims to introduce students to the context of dual diagnosis practice and service provision. Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe individuals who are experiencing the combined issues of addiction and mental health. Within this module students explore key theoretical models and critically reflect upon the socio-political context of dual diagnosis. Students are also introduced to evidence-based practice and a psychosocial framework of intervention for responding to dual diagnosis.

Module content includes: 

  • The historical context of substance use and mental health.
  • The social construction of mental health and substance use.
  • Psychoactive substances.
  • Key models of substance use/mental health
  • Substance use/mental health policy.
  • Models of intervention.
  • Evidence based practice.
  • Psychosocial interventions.
  • Working with groups and families.
  • Working in community settings.
  • Recovery and rehabilitation.
  • The social construction of mental health.

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