Postgraduate MA

Education, Ethics and Leadership

Develop the expertise to support educational leaders’ decision-making by exploring and embedding ethical behaviours.

Education, Ethics and Leadership

Course Overview

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    Distance Learning
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  • Duration

    1 Year
  • Start date

    19 Sep 2022

Taught by practising educational leaders and academics in our school, this course will help you develop your professional identity as an educator. You will establish, and then apply, a philosophical framework to your practice as you learn how to lead courageously. If you are an existing, or an aspiring ethical leader, this course will empower you to positively disrupt the education system.

As part of this course, you’ll:

  • Explore the philosophical ideologies at the heart of current education thinking
  • Study theories such as progressive thinking, traditionalist approaches and reconstructivist challenges to the accepted school system
  • Be encouraged to take a global outlook on issues to do with education, leadership and ethics
  • Analyse and compare ethical educational leadership case studies from a wide range of national and international contexts
  • Focus on engaging critically with policy, reform and systemic changes that impact school leadership and pose ethical dilemmas for the individual and the system
  • Reflect on how you articulate your practitioner identity in meeting the holistic needs of pupils, through the lens of values, diversity, equity and inclusion

We believe that ethical leaders are ethical humans. Ethical leaders are authentic, credible, confident and courageous individuals who are values-led. They are nourished through critical friendship, high challenge/ low threat and coaching. Ethical leadership embodies how we nurture school culture, how we govern and how we hold leaders to account, whilst remaining transparent. 

Through reflective practice, scrutinising our professional identity, our philosophical framework and our courageous leadership, we will engage with moral dilemmas to systemically challenge dominant leadership models and rhetoric.

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