Postgraduate PG Cert

Executive and Business Coaching

Executive and Business Coaching

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    City Campus
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    1 Year
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    05 Sep 2022

Designed to guide your development as a professional coach or mentor, this course will enable you to learn with like-minded peers in a community focused on coaching practice.

This course will provide you with a stimulating learning environment that will promote critical thinking, personal growth and professional action. Your modules will challenge you, in a safe and supportive environment, to explore and apply the latest coaching techniques and fundamentals to your working practice, and you will be encouraged to quickly build your knowledge and coaching skill set to a new level.

If you have a thirst for personal growth and a focus on helping others make a positive change in the world, or if you are a leader, entrepreneur or human resource management professional looking to inspire and develop your employees, this course will support you to develop the expertise and knowledge you will need to achieve your aspirations.

This course will enable you to improve your performance, self-confidence and self-efficacy in your coaching, personal and professional life, guided throughout by expert tutors with a wealth of professional experience. On completion of this course, you will have the expertise to help others to take responsibility and accountability for their actions and to realise their potential. Your high level of emotional intelligence will enable you to help others gain personal clarity, so they can identify and attain their goals.

Your module assessment is by 6,000 word work based assignments, which are designed to enable you to evaluate and grow your own applied coaching practice. Your coaching tutors will provide bespoke feedback as they support you in building your coaching skills, confidence and practice.

This course will offer substantial insights into how to enhancing your coaching practice with the aim to prepare you for a wide range of coaching career paths. You will be prepared to work across a wide range of coaching intervention styles and client groups and you will have the key foundations to continually develop and improve your own practice throughout your career.

Why study Executive and Business Coaching at Leeds Beckett University...

  1. Practice based learning
  2. Collaborative learning environment
  3. Informed by the latest research
  4. Ongoing tutor feedback and supervision
  5. Build your coaching resilience 
  6. Opportunities to gain insight through Leeds Business School guest lectures
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