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Physical Activity and Health

Physical Activity and Health

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    Headingley Campus Beckett Park
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    1 Year
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    16 Sep 2019

Help people and communities lead healthier and happier lives by developing the expertise to promote active lifestyle choices.

Regular physical activity is one of the greatest investments we can make to improve our wellbeing. Governments recognise this, and the drive to inspire people to be more active and minimise the impact of unhealthy lifestyle choices on health services and society in general has seen the demand for suitably trained professionals soar.

You will examine the importance of physical activity across the lifespan, and you will develop the skills to encourage healthy habits from childhood through to adolescence and into adulthood and older age.

You will work with people of all ages to identify health risks related to sedentary behaviours, and you will design and evaluate interventions to improve quality of life and reduce the risks of obesity, diabetes, mental ill-health and other conditions.

You will benefit from being taught by a highly skilled and research-active teaching team who are world-leading in their field and have vast experience in sport, physical activity, nutrition, education, and health.

Our team of academics include Professor Jim McKenna, the Head of the Active Lifestyles Centre and Professor Paul Gately, who founded the weight management organisation MoreLife in 1999. Both have contributed to seminal government reports and guidance, including the 2007 Physical Activity Guidelines and the International Obesity Task Force and World Health Organization's report on childhood obesity, and both continue to consult to many government agencies, health organisations and corporations throughout the world.

Other staff members work closely with the likes of Leeds Rhinos, Public Health England, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and the NHS, and you will be able to engage and forge contacts with industry professionals during guest lectures.

You will also gain student membership of the Royal Society for Public Health, giving you access to additional continued professional development, the very latest industry information and links to employers.

Why study at Leeds Beckett

  1. Develop your understanding of physical activity and its importance to all of us
  2. Learn how to encourage healthy habits through childhood and adolescence into adulthood and old age
  3. Work directly with people from all age groups to develop skills that work in real-life scenarios
  4. Be among the first students to take advantage of the university’s new state-of-the-art Carnegie School of Sport building
  5. Take advantage of our sport volunteering opportunities, which have previously included global events such as the Olympics, World Athletics Championships and Commonwealth Games

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