Postgraduate MSc

Real Estate

Master your knowledge in real estate and develop the expertise to manage properties across the UK and around the world.

Real Estate

Course Overview

  • Institution code

  • Main location

    Distance Learning
  • Attendance

  • Duration

    2 Years
  • Start date

    16 Sep 2024

Designed to fine-tune your skills in real estate and property management, this postgraduate course will boost your knowledge and give you the confidence to expand your career horizons and stand out in industry. 

As part of this course you’ll: 

  • Understand the key economic principles and their application to the valuation of real estate
  • Explore planning practices and policies, such as applications, permissions and building regulations
  • Gain an understanding of the legalities of ownership, development, occupation and management of real estate
  • Examine construction and development practices, looking at where to develop and what is profitable
  • Understand the capital market and provide reasoned advice to local authorities, government, businesses and individuals for real estate as an investment
  • Study the rental market, including property ownership and the relationship between landlord and tenant

You could hold an undergraduate degree in a related field or already be working in industry and want to boost your career prospects – this course will give you the tools to reimagine the world of real estate and build a successful future within industry.