Undergraduate BSc (Hons)

Visual Effects

Develop in-depth creative skills across visual effects to become an industry-ready graduate.

Visual Effects

Course Overview

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    City Campus
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    3 Years
  • Start date

    20 Sep 2021

Develop in-depth creative skills across the visual effects (VFX) postproduction pipeline. 

As part of this course you'll: 

  • Build practical skills in areas such as pre-visualisation and cinematography, rotoscoping and plate preparation, scripting, image processing and compositing
  • Gain theoretical knowledge across topics such as the history of VFX, personal research units, group based VFX projects, VFX photography and videography, and data acquisition
  • Explore theory from a practical perspective through structured tasks
  • Be encouraged to experiment with software and equipment, and work on assignments with the support and guidance of your tutors in practical workshops
  • Build on the knowledge and skills gained in your previous years of study to explore topics in greater depth as you progress through the course

You'll explore VFX in-depth as a discipline and specialise through option modules in your second and third year of study to shape your degree to your career interests. 

Aligned closely with this fast-paced industry and its demands, this course will enable you to understand and mirror industry practices by working collaboratively with fellow students and staff. You'll gain a true industry perspective supported by your academic and theoretical knowledge and you'll have the opportunity to learn from visiting industry professionals. The individual portfolio of work that you'll have created throughout the course will showcase your creativity and technical skills to potential employers.

With the arrival of Channel 4 in Leeds, this vibrant and growing industry is expected to continue to expand in this region. 


BSc Visual Effects student work Examples of visual effects work created by students on the course.

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