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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Page last updated: 14/08/2020

International applicants

Information for international applicants around the potential impact of coronavirus on their application, travel and visa arrangements.

Frequently asked questions

Plus Icon I intend to travel to the UK in September, can I apply for a CAS?

Yes. If you have accepted an unconditional offer to study with us then you can apply for a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). Further details can be found on our Visas and Support page.

Plus Icon How do I apply for my CAS?

To apply for a CAS you will need to have:

  • Paid at least 50% of your course fees (unless sponsored or on a US loan)
  • Accepted your Unconditional offer
  • Completed a CAS request form
  • Sent us copies of your financial documents (unless you are a national of a country on the UKVI Appendix H list of countries)

Further details can be found on the Visas and Support page.

Plus Icon I do not wish to travel to the UK for the academic year 2020/21, can I study online? 

Yes, in most cases this will be possible. We have put plans in place to allow students who are unable (or do not wish) to come onto campus to ensure that of your course content and support can be provided online. 

Some of our courses include elements which must meet the requirements of professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRB). As a result, face-to-face teaching and practical sessions to meet such requirements will be prioritised and will meet social distancing requirements. This ensures that the course retains its full professional status. These courses will not be eligible for a PSRB accredited award if studied online:

Undergraduate courses

• BA (Hons) Filmmaking
• BA (Hons) Dance
• BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance
• BA (Hons) Performing Arts
• BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences (all pathways)
• BSc (Hons) Dietetics
• Bsc (Hons) Nutrition
• Bsc (Hons) Safety, Health and Environmental Management
• BSc (Hons) Environmental Health
• BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy
• Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy
• BSc Sports and Exercise Therapy

Postgraduate courses
• MA Choreography
• MA Performance
• MSc Biomedical Science
• MSc Medical Biochemistry
• MSc Biomedical Science Research
• MSc Dietetics
• MSc Nutrition in Practice
• MSc Health and Safety
• Postgraduate Diploma in Health and Safety
• MSc Environmental Health
• IOA Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control
• MSc Physiotherapy
• MSc Occupational Therapy
• MSc Sports & Exercise Therapy
• MSc Sports & Exercise Medicine

* Additional courses may be added. This is not a comprehensive list.

Plus Icon I intend to start studying online and then travel to the UK later in the year. Will this be possible?

Yes, unless your course is listed above, you can choose to study your course online initially and then travel to the UK when you are ready. 

If you require a Tier 4 visa, you will need to apply for a CAS. Further details can be found on the Visas and Support page.

Plus Icon I have been issued with a CAS but I am unable to apply for my visa because my local visa application centre is still closed. What should I do?
We understand that due to visa centre closures, many countries are unable to process UK visas in a normal manner. We encourage you to continue to monitor the status of visa application centres in your country, and to prepare your documents and finances in advance of these centres re-opening. You can contact your regional representative to inform them of your situation or get further advice. If your visa centre is still closed in September, you may still be able to join your course online initially.
Plus Icon I have been issued a Tier 4 visa but I can no longer travel to the UK – how long is my visa valid for?  Can I apply for another one once I can travel again?
Once you are successful in your Tier 4 visa application you will be provided with a 90-day entry clearance permit (a sticker in your passport) in order to travel to the UK and pick up your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). Your BRP is your full Tier 4 visa.

The 90-day entry clearance permit should provide you with enough time to travel to the UK allowing for any travel difficulties due to Covid-19. However, if you are unable to travel within the validity period of your entry clearance permit, please contact Student Immigration Advice & Compliance for further advice.

You will not be penalised for being unable collect your BRP while coronavirus measures are in place.
Plus Icon Do I need to self-isolate when I arrive in the UK?

Coronavirus regulations mean that people arriving in England from certain countries by train, ferry, bus, or air must self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival

The UK government has introduced travel corridor exemptions for some countries and territories. You can view the list of countries and territories from where you can travel to England and not have to self-isolate on the GOV.UK website. We encourage you to check the UK government's self-isolation guidance regularly.

If you need to self-isolate when you arrive in England, we have support plans in place to help you. A self-isolation accommodation booking system, airport Meet and Greet service, and online support and events will be in place for September 2020 arrivals.

Visit the Joining us in September page for more information about the support you will receive if you need to self-isolate.

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