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Electronic and Software Engineering

Electronic technology underpins the modern world with electronic systems embedded in our homes and places of work including vehicles and machines.

Within the area of audio engineering, our experts are developing digital technologies for machine listening using advanced real-time digital signal processing techniques.

Embedded electronics use microprocessor/microcontroller technologies present in many modern devices. We have extensive expertise in the development of embedded systems which use a range of hardware and software engineering techniques and platforms. As part of our development of tools and methodologies to support the deployment of software, we have extensively researched component-based software development.

Our research into electronic systems for medical applications include developments in real-time speech analysis and enhancement, medical simulation and patient monitoring systems.

Automation and control systems are key to modern manufacturing and the control of our environment.  We are working on projects that focus on the simulation and control of flexible manufacturing systems.


  • Medical electronics.
  • Automation and control.
  • Software engineering.
  • Audio engineering.


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