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Our Team

CSI Team

We have an incredibly varied and yet complementary team; from technical computer security, through to criminology, with digital forensics, language analysis, human rights informatics and surveillance research in between. My main aim for the CSI Centre is to build a supportive research environment and to attract more researchers to tackle cybercrime and security research and development.

Dr. Z. Cliffe. Schreuders, Centre Director
Lisa Halmshaw

CSI Administrator
Lisa Halmshaw

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Plus Icon Research Candidates

Lewis Ardern - Mobile device usable security – Director of study: Dr Z. Cliffe Schreuders, Supervisor: Dr Mark Dixon, School of Computing, Creative Technology and Engineering

Emlyn Butterfield - Director of study: Prof Colin Pattinson, Supervisors: Prof Mohammad Dastbaz, Dr Z. Cliffe Schreuders, School of Computing, Creative Technology and Engineering

MRes Candidates

Gajendra Ravichandran – Director of study: Dr Z. Cliffe Schreuders, Supervisor: Dr Marc Fabri, School of Computing, Creative Technology and Engineering

Plus Icon Affiliated Student Societies and Student Led Services
  • Leeds Hacking Society
    Leeds Hacking Society is a Leeds Beckett Students’ Union Society that meets about hacking every week.
  • Restore - Student Data Recovery
    Restore - Student Data Recovery is a student led service of Leeds Beckett Students' Union with the goal of getting students' lost, corrupted and deleted data back.
Plus Icon Collaborative Partners on Funded Research

West Yorkshire Police

The CSI Centre has a close working relationship with West Yorkshire Police force; working directly with the Digital Forensics Unit (DFU) and Cyber Crime Team (CCT) to investigate and improve the way cybercrime and digital evidence is processed.

Collaboration with West Yorkshire Police began in 2007 whereby the DFU were brought on board to consult on the development of the new Leeds Beckett undergraduate degree in Computer Forensics. This collaboration has continued to grow and mature throughout the years. Currently the relationship centres around the symbiotic exercises including research and training, recruitment, student/client project support, and student work experience and employment. In parallel to the DFU and CCT relationship are the previous work collaborations with I-Surv and D-Scent (EPSRC funded) research projects.

Steering Committee Members for Cybercrime Analysis Research and Innovation:

Co-lead for RCTF project:

Advisory group for Randomised Capture The Flag project:

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