Tiki Bar and Beckett Kitchen refurbishment

Completed: January 2019

Tiki Bar and Beckett Kitchen refurbishment



Work began:

December 2018

Work completed:

January 2019



Contractors - Rose Bowl:

H Peel and Sons Ltd

Contractors - Tiki Bar:

various local small contractors

The renovation of the Headingley Tiki coffee bar and the Rose Bowl food court, now called Beckett Kitchen, has been completed.

The work has seen both spaces overhauled with new lighting, furniture and counters in both areas. The changes have enhanced both spaces, making them a much more attractive option for students or colleagues to socialise, study, or sit back and relax with a coffee and a snack.

Sustainability was a key factor in the project and materials were reused where possible - the tired hardwood floor at the Tiki coffee bar was refurbished rather than replaced, and the Rose Bowl carpet tiles were returned to the manufacturer for cleaning and repurposing.