Design and Creativity

  • 09.00 - 17.00
  • 30 Jan 2015
  • Leeds Beckett Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology
Design and Creativity

Design and Creativity, research student symposium organised by PhD in Architecture for the Leeds Beckett Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology, 30 January 2015.

In his etymological essay on “design” Vilem Flusser observes that the current use of the term ‘indicates just about any situation in which art and technique (including evaluative and scientific thought) combine forces to smooth the way to a new culture.’ Design is thus opened up in a wider sense that bridges across art, science and technology. Echoing the words of Flusser’s essay the Design and Creativity research student symposium will aim ‘to bring to light the crafty and insidious aspects of the word “design”’ within the diverse disciplines that operate within the Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology. 

AET research students are invited to critically address the theme of ‘Design and Creativity’ within the context of its current debate and topical role across the faculty disciplines at large.  The purpose of the symposium is to offer a window on student research in the Faculty across the different cultures of the humanities and science, and to provoke interdisciplinary conversations on a topical theme we all address, in different ways, in our work.

Students are asked to propose specific takes on the general theme of ‘Design and Creativity’. Proposals should promote the discussion of current research themes and concerns, as well as bring new areas of research to light.

Students are encouraged to interpret ‘Design and Creativity’ as broadly as possible, and to explore trans-disciplinary conversations around specific issues, rather than close down within established disciplinary constraints. We ask you to be experimental, original, creative, open-minded and provocative.

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