International Seeds Conference 2016

  • 00.00 - 23.30
  • 14 Sep 2016 - 15 Sep 2016
International Seeds Conference 2016
SEEDS - Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society

The International SEEDS Conference 2016 (Sustainable, Ecological, Engineering and Design for Society) was hosted by Leeds Beckett University on 14 and 15 September. This conference explored how buildings and spaces are designed to reduce negative impacts on the environment, with internationally acclaimed keynote speakers and delegate workshops and presentations focusing on how to address the balance between the built and the natural environment.

Professor Chris Gorse, the Director of the Leeds Sustainability Institute and Professor Mohammad Dastbaz, Pro Vice Chancellor welcomed delegates from the USA; Ukraine; Belgium; France; Netherlands; Russia; South Africa; Spain; Wales; Ireland and the UK. Many were returning after attending the 2015 conference. We also welcomed new delegates and paper submissions from a wide range of disciplines relating to sustainability.

Posters submitted for the SEEDS Conference and the accompanying RISE Awards (Research, Innovation, Sustainability and Enterprise Awards) were displayed at our venue, the Rose Bowl. The RISE Awards were presented at a gala dinner hosted by Gaynor Barnes of ITV Calendar. A conference dinner for all delegates was also held in the Acre Room at our Headingley campus.

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Dr Alice Owen
Associate Professor in Business, Sustainability and Engagement, University of Leeds
Diffusion of low carbon innovation in building retrofit: challenges and opportunities

Mike Ormesher
Technical & Marketing Director Northern Europe, Knauf Insulation
Mind the gap: A study into the real performance of domestic properties in use

Chrissy McCarthy
Managing Director, Constructing Equality
The impact of fairness in the construction sector

Professor Jacqui Glass
Professor in Architecture and Sustainable Construction, Loughborough University
Industry and virtue: an update on responsible and ethical sourcing practices in the UK

Dr Karl Andersson
Associate Professor in Mobile and Pervasive Computing, Luleå Tekniska Universitet, Sweden
Solutions for greener and smarter cities and regions enabling sustainable growth: the north Swedish perspective

Dr John Littlewood
Senior Lecturer & EBERE Group Director, Cardiff Metropolitan University
What can building performance evaluation testing learn from the atmosphere of Saturday night fever

Dr Lloyd Scott
School of Surveying and Construction Management, Dublin Institute of Technology
Future orientated built environment professionals: What sustainability competencies should be fostered in Higher Education graduates?

Professor Vyacheslav Kharchenko
Head of the Department of Computer Systems and Networks, National Aerospace University KhAI
Green IT engineering: Challenges and solutions for human and industry domains

Professor Gary Shuckford
Chairman, Bowman Riley Healthcare Architects
The dementia challenge: The role of big data and IoT

Professor Peter Skipworth
Managing Director, Environmental Monitoring Solutions
At the interface of man and the environment: What do we really know?

Professor John Smallwood
Professor, Dept. of Construction Management, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Preventing the collapse of reinforced concrete (RC) structures and support work during construction: Assurance versus ‘accident investigation

Mr Adlington, Martin; University of Derby, UK

Professor Akerka, Rajendra; Western Norway Research Institute, Norway

Associate Professor Aloise-Young, Patricia; Colorado State University, USA

Associate Professor Andersson, Karl; Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

Dr Bridge, Adrian; Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Dr Cardoso-Castro, Pedro-Pablo; Leeds Beckett University UK

Mr Cavanagh, John; University of Aberdeen, UK

Dr Chileshe, Nicholas; University of South Australia, Australia

Professor Cozzens, Richard; Southern Utah University, USA

Professor Dastbaz, Mohammad; Leeds Beckett University, UK

Professor Droegehorn, Olaf; Harz, Germany

Professor Egbu, Charles; London South Bank University, UK

Dr Erkoreka, Aitor; University of the Basque Country, Spain

Professor Fidelis, Emuze; Central University of Technology, South Africa

Dr Fitton, Richard; University of Salford, UK

Dr Georges, Jean-Phillipe; University of Lorraine, France

Professor Glass, Jaqui; Loughborough University, UK

Professor Gledson, Barry; Northumbria University, UK

Dr Glew , David; Leeds Beckett University, UK

Professor Gorbenko, Anatoliy; Khal National Aerospace University, Ukraine

Professor Gorse, Christopher; Leeds Beckett University, UK

Professor Greenwood, David; Northumbria University, UK

Professor Gupta, Rajat; Oxford Brookes University, UK

Dr Higham, Anthony; University of Salford, UK

Professor Janssens, Arnold; Universiteit Gent, Belgium

Professor Johnston, David; Leeds Beckett University, UK

Dr Kao, Chung-Chin; The CIOB, UK

Dr Klimova, Alexandra; ITMO University, Russia

Dr Kor, Ah-Lian; Leeds Beckett University, UK

Dr Kragh, Mikkel; Dansk Arkitektur Center, Denmark

Professor Laing, Richard; Robert Gordon University, UK

Dr Littlewood, John; Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

Professor Loosemore, Martin; University of New South Wales, New Zealand

Professor Love, Peter; Curtin University, Australia

Professor Mann, Phebe; University of East London, UK

Dr Masuwa Matipa, Wilfred; Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Dr Maye-Banbury, Angela; Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Ms McCarthy, Chrissi; Constructing Equality Ltd., UK

Dr Ochieng, Edward; Cranfield University, UK

Mr Osaji, Emeka; Energy Globe, UK

Dr Osmani, Mohamed; Loughborough University, UK

Dr Owen, Alice; University of Leeds, UK

Dr Parker, James; Leeds Beckett University, UK
Professor Pattinson, Colin; Leeds Beckett University, UK

Dr Piroozfar, Poorang; University of Brighton, UK

Dr Pomponi, Francesco; University of Cambridge, UK

Professor Porras, Jari; Lappeeranta University of Technology, Finland

Dr Pritchard, Martin; Leeds Beckett University, UK

Professor Proverbs, David; Birmingham City University, UK

Dr Raiden, Ani; Nottingham Trent University, UK

Professor Raisanen, Christine; Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Professor Roels, Gustaaf; University of Leuven, Belgium

Professor Rondeau, Eric; Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France

Professor Ross, Andrew; Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Associate Professor Saelens, Dirk; Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium

Professor Sala Lizarraga, Jose Maria; University of the Basque Country, Spain

Dr Scott, Lloyd; Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

Dr Sherratt, Fred; Anglia Ruskin University, UK

Professor Simson, Alan; Leeds Beckett University, UK

Professor Smallwood, John; Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa

Dr Soetanto, Robby; Loughborough University, UK

Professor Stephenson, Paul; Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Professor Swan, Will; University of Salford, UK

Dr Thomson, Craig; Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Associate Professor Tutesigensi, Apollo; University of Leeds, UK

Dr Xiao, Hong; Birmingham City University, UK

Professor Young, Peter; Colorado State University, USA

Professor Zaslavsky, Arkady; CSIRO, Australia, Australia

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