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CarnegieXchange - An overview of intervention mapping

An introduction to Intervention Mapping in Public Health and Physical Activity with presenter Dr Andy Pringle.

Intervention Mapping (IM) is an iterative protocol/system for developing theory- and evidence-based health improvement interventions using six steps (Figure 1). IM can guide practicioners through program development, demystifying the development and evaluation process, (Eldredge et al., 2016).

IM aims to help health promoters develop interventions which reflect community involvement, community assets and local health needs. Importantly, the protocol adopts an ecological approach when identifying the key determinants impacting health-related behaviours and conditions, matching these to change methods and their applications.

This seminar aims to: (I) Provide a brief overview of the IM protocol. (II) Share synergies with contemporary physical activity interventions. (III) Reflect on the IM Training Programme from the University of Maastricht. (IV) Show how IM is being used within our work in the Centre for Active Lifestyles at Leeds Beckett University.

Event Details

28 February 2018 -
28 February 2018
Leeds Beckett University, 118 Cavendish Hall, Headingely Campus
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